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Round 5 - Nineteenth - Group 2

Which do you prefer?  

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  1. 1. Which do you prefer?

    • Gothic
    • Bust

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It seems to me that PCI should generate some debate. Afterall, it is a subjective vote on what one likes and doesn't like.


Couldn't agree more.


Coins being voted upon without so much as a murmur to accompany seems a kind of overly cold and clinical to me and perhaps wastes an opportunity to discuss the coins at hand.


It's through discussion that we get a chance to explore other peoples viewpoints. What they like. What they don't like. If they don't express them however, we learn nothing.

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Maybe. Maybe some peop's are just `all gothiced out' (myself included) :lol:



Not me! I have been drooling over your crown from the first time I saw it. I have been working on a 20th century world silver crown type set (leaving out a few of the exceptionally rare examples.)


I have on occasion picked up some 19th century pieces as well, and that Gothic crown is definitely one of the beauties that I look forward to acquiring. And not only is the design appealing, but its very low mintage makes it all the more so! :ninja:

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