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First Stage Groups

The PCI Guy

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July 22 2006 (Closes 29 July)


A1; vs A2;

A3; vs A4;


B1; vs B2;

B3; vs B4;


C1; vs C2;

C3; vs C4;


D1; vs D2;

D3; vs D4;


E1; vs E2;

E3; vs E4;


F1; vs F2;

F3; vs F4;


G1; vs G2;

G3; vs G4;


H1; vs H2;

H3; vs H4;




July 30 2006 (Closes 5 Aug)


A1; vs A3;

A2; vs A4;


B1; vs B3;

B2; vs B4;


C1; vs C3;

C2; vs C4;


D1; vs D3;

D2; vs D4;


E1; vs E3;

E2; vs E4;


F1; vs F3;

F2; vs F4;


G1; vs G3;

G2; vs G4;


H1; vs H3;

H2; vs H4;




Aug 6 2006 (Closes 12 Aug)


A1; vs A4;

A2; vs A3;


B1; vs B4;

B2; vs B3;


C1; vs C4;

C2; vs C3;


D1; vs D4;

D2; vs D3;


E1; vs E4;

E2; vs E3;


F1; vs F4;

F2; vs F3;


G1; vs G4;

G2; vs G3;


H1; vs H4;

H2; vs H3;

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