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GOETZ: K-18 Luitpold Death Commemorative

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K-18 PRINCE RULER LUITPOLD OF BAVARIA, Death Commemorative, 1912, Cast Bronze, 80.3mm, wt. 140.40g , edge-punched “KgoeTz”.


Obverse: Bust right.


Reverse: Crucifixion with Legend on the reverse (from Latin) "Luitpold, Prince Royal, ruler of Bavaria. Deputy. Born March 12th, 1821, died December 12th, 1912."


This is a very unassuming, yet heartfelt, creation for the event.


This is the beginning of my reimaging project that could take the better part of 6-9 months to complete. Unfortunately, my real day job gets in the way.


Click for K-18 High-Res



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The pics are as true to life as they'll ever get (on my monitor at least) with the High-res showing the color the best. When I resize to 400pxX800px the image has a tendancy to lose some color definition and contrast. This go around I will create the 800X1600 His-res for each medal. :ninja:

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