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Looks like Ian is getting hit by the Russian bug


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Thank you, gx. :ninja:


That is also the Moscow issue, which seems more difficult to locate than the St. Petersburg issue.


In an earlier post I mentioned that I am keeping a data base of 1757-96 rouble illustrations. This has now reached 2600+ pieces. The following are the numbers for Peter III:


SPB - 231

MMD - 114


The above means that the Peter III roubles are not even scarce yet they continue to bring high prices for the simple reason that they are type coins and therefore important to any collector specializing in 18th century material.


On the other hand, for Catherine II in 1762 we find the following:


SPB - 67

MMD - 28


The Peter III coins in the same grade I would expect to do better at auction because there are other dates available for Catherine II.



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