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Russian Trial coin?


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I think it might be somekind of a fantasy issue. How much did you pay for it? Are you sure it is made of Gold? Does it really weigh 15,5 gramms? Where did you buy it?

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OH lol no, it's definately not gold. I am suspecting that it's nickel-bronze or some kind of alloy, but I definately never ever seen similar like this.


It is actually two different planchets, so they are both one-sided.


Well I don't know, if it is really a fantasy issue, but it looks too horribly similar to the official one that is issued later. All details like the Kremlin and the details of the angel...


All I get from the seller is that he / she got it from some Moscow coin dealers... so I don't know if that helps. :ninja:

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Okay. I think it can't be anything "real". Since people often don't know russian coins too well, it is easy to make such coins and sell them for big $$.

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Hehehe, well I paid less than 100USD, so I am quite happy. I was almost prepared to blow off parts of my collections to get it.


Well I don't know if it is a genuine trial coin or not, but who knows. :ninja: It even has the MMD mintmark on it to make it look horribly similar to the official coin.


*geez, it's so odd!!! My russian coins have so many stories to tell!!!*

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