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Bolswarder Vlieger

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Since 1995, the Frysian city of Bolsward, a hanseatic city, issues tokens which can be used in the local establishments in the city for purchasing something to drink.


The first one was issued to commemorate 540 years "city rights"


The obverse shows the double headed eagle from the city coat of arms:




The obverse text is:


Bolswarder Vlieger (Bolsward Kite) : after the coin that was struck in Bolsward in the 1450's


1455 - 1995 : the year Bolsward got city rights and the year that the token was issued


Hanzestad : Hanseatic City


Moneta Nova : latin for "new money"



There are two different reverses.


The first reverse is used on the tokens from 1995 and 2000 and shows various things that are important to Bolsward:


- a map of the province of Friesland with a dot to mark Bolsward

- a part of the Frysian flag

- a cyclist, referring to the annual 11 cities cycling tour that starts in Bolsward, passes Bolsward half way and finished in Bolsward

- grane, referring to the agriculture area that Bolsward is situated in


The second reverse, used on the token from 2005 shows the large number 550, as well as a morphed image of the city hall. The number 550 refers to the fact that in 2005, Bolsward celebrated 550 years of city rights.



Both reverses have the same text:


Bolsward de stad aan de A7, goed wonen, werken en leven

Bolsward, the city at the A7, good living, working and life


(A7 is the name of the highway that passes Bolsward)







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not in daily use, mostly on large events, like the 11 cities tour, when there many "beer stands" on the streets and with musical activities. Then there's two or three seling points for the tokens and all the beer stands only accept these tokens then, no "real" money. One token = one beer or one pop. SO it makes life a lot easier for the people at the selling points.


The tokens keep their value however, after the event. The can still be used in bars and pubs to buy drinks.

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And they're bigger too, I didn't mention the size, they're 30 mm diameter.


The 1995 and 2000 have a plain edge, the 2005 has a reeded edge.


They're all minted by the Koninklijke Nederlandse Munt (Royal Dutch Mint) and bear the corresponding mint marks and privy marks:


1995 : "caduceus" and "bow and arrow"

2000 : "caduceus" and "bow and arrow with star"

2005 : "caduceus" and "sails"

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