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2007 Dollar coin.......Did you know?


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I found some of this interesting. Its from the Presidential dollar coin bill that passed congress and now awaits action by the senate.


COIN REVERSE- The design on the reverse shall bear--


(i) a likeness of the Statue of Liberty extending to the rim of the coin and large enough to provide a dramatic representation of Liberty while not being large enough to create the impression of a `2-headed' coin;




(i) IN GENERAL- The inscription of the year of minting or issuance of the coin and the inscriptions `E Pluribus Unum' and `In God We Trust' shall be edge-incused into the coin.


INSCRIPTIONS OF `LIBERTY'- Notwithstanding the 2d sentence of subsection (d)(1), because the use of a design bearing the likeness of the Statue of Liberty on the reverse of the coins issued under this subsection adequately conveys the concept of Liberty, the inscription of `Liberty' shall not appear on the coins.


NONCONSECUTIVE TERMS- If a President has served during 2 or more nonconsecutive periods of service, a coin shall be issued under this subsection for each such nonconsecutive period of service. (2 Grover Cleveland coins)


REVERSION TO PRECEDING DESIGN- Upon the termination of the issuance of coins under this subsection, the design of all $1 coins shall revert to the so-called `Sacagawea-design' $1 coins.

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And back to the Sac! They can do better than that.


Hey! I like the Sac!


And I like the idea of sticking the cumbersome phrases on the edge, I thought they should have done that for the sac.


As for the rest... :ninja:

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"Well originally the Statue of Liberty is from France... am I going to assume that politics has caused the coin designs to go stale as the relationship of US and France are not at the best times ever? "


Liberty has been on US coins since at least 1793, long before the

Statue of Liberty.

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Please, Please, Please I pray they do not make this coin.

Lord hear our prayer.


I agree. The whole Presidental Dollar Coin thing is stupid. Get rid of rags and Sacs will circulate.



Does not intend to collect these travesties. :ninja:

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This is just another long series so the mint can keep raking in the money. The state quarter theme made the mint a fortune, they just want to keep it going.


I don't mind them making the money they are making. But they really need to take a few million and hire a real company to sell their products for them.

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And, just think, the First Spouses will be in gold! This tells you just how far our Congressmen/Congresswomen are out of touch with the real world. And amazingly enough they REALLY don't have a clue, most of the time, what they are voting on or for! The only thing they worry about are the under the table bribes to get them to vote on a bill numbered, such and such, and they don't care other than that. Free health care and a great pension for the rest of your life, why would you want to care?

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there is one thing i find in teresting. the presidential terms when there was no first lady will have liberty on the gold coin. the liberty will be one that circulated on coinage during that presidential term. Has anyone figured out which libertys these would be?

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"`(ii) an inscription, using Arabic numerals, of the value of the coin; and"


what the?!?


Gump what is your concern? Would you prefer to keep the value written in longhand English? I like the Arabic numerals as they are on the gold/platinum eagles and think it would look interesting. The dollar sign is a new touch (other than platimun) as well. The roman numerals on the old gold is a nice change also.


Ciao, and Hook 'em Horns,

Capt-AWACS, King of Belize, Viceroy of Texas, Protector of the Faith

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