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GOETZ: Emperor Ludwig IV

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K-1 EMPEROR LUDWIG IV, THE BAVARIAN. 1905 Cast Bronze, 71mm. Edge-punched “KgoeTz” RR in 70mm cast.


Obverse Legend (From Latin) “Emperor Ludwig, the Bavarian, always and majestic.”


Reverse: Three Dates; 1287 the year of his birth; 1322, the year he became the unchallenged German King; and 1347, the year of his death.


This medal was also made in struck bronze, silver, and gold 27mm, 36mm, and bronze70mm sizes.


Look closely at the detail….with the exception of a couple ever so slight “bubbles” on the rim, you would be hard pressed not to think this was a struck piece. It’s a beauty in hand and I had to examine it under 10X to determine that it was, indeed, a cast piece…



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I agree that it is stunning. More importantly, I've finally found a helmet I like better than Kaiser Wilhelm's eagle helment.

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