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Henry VI Groat 1422-1427


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I have taken the plunge into English hammered coins. I hope I did OK with my first buy. Here it is!




Groat 1422-1427

Henry VI, First Reign (1422-1461)

N.1427; S.1836 Ag 3.71g.


Annulet issue, Calais, i.m. Incurved Pierced Cross, facing bust of Henry with an annulet either side of neck, within a tressure of nine arcs, +HENRIC' DI' GRA' REX ANGLIE Z FRANC, rev., long cross pattée, trefoil of pellets in each angle, annulet in 2nd and 3rd, VILLA CALISIE, double saltire stops, POSVI DEVM ADIVTORE MEVM.

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I've not examined maqny English hammered coins, but I've seen many catalog entries. Yours appears to be an excellent piece based on my limited familiarity. Its a coin I'd be drawn to and proud to own.

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Your chequebook would appear to be quite adventurous sir.


It's not a case of `they don't come much better' but more `they just don't come ANY better'. That is a superb example that would grace any collection or museum.


My little sphinctre muscle would be seriously twitching at the thought of writing a cheque to buy that one! :ninja:

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