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1673 Charles XI Sweden

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Ah yes. the `I liked it and bought it' syndrome. There's nothing like a touch of magpie -itis to help define the true collector! :lol::ninja:


Sadly, I can't tell you anything you don't already know about the medal, excepting that I like it and I probably would have bought it too :cry: .



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I know I try to stick to British, but every now and again I can't resist myself! :ninja:

It's in great condition if that is indeed the year it was minted, considering that it is made from tin. I mean look at William and Mary tin farthings of roughly the same age for example.

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I can't make out any engraver's initials or I'd look it up in Forrer. I resist magpie-itis by sticking strictly to my time period!


Nice medal though... :ninja:

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