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Something's not quite right.


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I wonder why all of this seller's coins are all going for the same price.  Something smells a little fishy.


Your link is a little messed up. Here is a fixed link. As far as I can tell, he starts all his listings at £.99, which according to eBay's exchange rate, is currently US$1.82. Many sellers run "true" auctions, starting at basic prices, and letting the bidders determine the true price of the item. Now, being that this is a seller from China, selling older US coins, I cannot say whether or not the coins themselves "smell a little fishy", but the pricing doesn't seem to set off any alerts with me.

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What should set off alerts is that every coin the seller is offering are all trade dollars from China....CAN YOU SAY FAKES!!!!


And some of the coins pictured are Morgans and the seller is calling them Trade dollars.


And also a wonderful shipping price of only 25 GBP

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<Why the switch from dollars to pounds? Strange person.>


Probably to capitalize on the fact that most americans just don't understand foreign exchange. They know that we use dollars, and the know tha England uses pounds, Franc uses francs, Mexico uses peso etc. But they tend to think that a dollar = a pound = a franc = a peso etc. They tend to think of them as just different names for the same amount of money. So if they see a coin they would expect to cost $100 and it is only 80 pounds they buy it thinking it is a bargin (To their minds 80 pounds = $80.) Then they get a bill for 80 pounds, pay it and THEN discover that they owe $144 plus. These auctions for fake trade dollars used to have shipping fees of $25. By making it pounds the shipping is now over $40.

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