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WOW Russian Trial coin?!!!


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lol trial coin @ first post.




This is a coin that I got some time ago, and the seller did claim that it is a trial coin. And I thought that was a joke in the first place...


This coin does look similar to the link down here Ruble similar to this


And there is a ruble coin that looks awfully similar to this, but obviously this is not true. The obverse may look almost similar but the reverse is a shocking 100 ruble denomination, which no coins were ever minted with such design (i.e. the Kremlin in gold 100 ruble denomination)


I will post larger pictures later. :ninja:

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Another picture as followup.


Large image (595kb)


Notice how you can see the Au 900 and 15.5 gram mark on the left reverse, and the MMD mintmark on the right side.


The obverse itself looks slightly different as well, as there is only text in the trial coin. The building itself looks different, I have got no idea what building it is supposed to be.

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Anything is possible in Russia. Once in a cash strapped museum in Khabarovsk, the director tried to sell me some of their collections. Slightly less than authorised issues emanating from Goznak would not surprise me.


OMG WHAT? I am more than interested to look at what kind of collections the museum offered O_O Where, what, omg when :ninja:


Honestly I have no idea what is going on with this one. I am assuming that they had full intentions of minting this "sovereignty" coin in pure gold, but I guess due to financial reasons and bad taste of minting such coin in pure gold didn't pass through the approval stage. Well I don't know, I am still quite stunned in some sense. There was never a kremlin like this with a 100 ruble denomination. I don't know if Krause has actually published it, or some coin catalogue book ever did.

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