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Found 8 results

  1. This is a silver jeton issued by the `septieme corps des marchands' as the wine makers guild liked to be known. IThe six main guilds(Les Six Corps des Marchands) were not so keen on sharing their power and influence. The Premier Corps (Drapers guild) issued jetons with one ship in the shield. The Deuxieme Corps (Apothecaries) issued jetons with two ships in the shield.......etc. Hence the `Septieme Corps' having seven ships in the shield.
  2. Three different busts of Louis XVI , two different reverse dies. All dated 1775. The first shows a mature bust Louis XVI obverse with the original building for the School of Surgery reverse The second shows a mature bust of Louis XVI obverse but with different legend, with the School of Surgery and its extensions reverse The third shows a youthful bust of Louis XVI and same reverse as the second.
  3. A nice example of a scarce silver jeton issued for the Academie de Peinture et de Sculpture. Although dated 1764,there appears to be some doubt as to whether it was issued that year or in the early 1770's. The jeton cites Louis XVI as patron in the obverse legend The Academie was founded in 1648 with the purpose of professionalising the artists working for the French court and give them a stamp of approval that artists of the Academie de Saint-Luc did not have. (The Academie Saint-Luc was a painters' guild set up in Paris in 1391 by the Lord Provost of Paris).
  4. This is a silver jeton minted for the `Senegal', a French owned tug boat /salvage company operating out of Dakar, Senegal. It would have been issued to directors for their presence at board meetings. It has the `abeille' (bee) assay mark on the edge (1860-79) confirming it as being an orginal example, and RR. There was a later re-strike (after 1880) distinguishable from the orginal by the cornucopia assay mark on the edge. This example, although having an edge mounting is otherwise unscathed, and in remarkably good condition
  5. This jeton was struck for Jean Antoine de Mesmes, the then President of the Court of Justice, in 1713. The reverse of this jeton normally appears in combination with the bust of the king of France and issued for the Court Prosecutors. This one however was specific to De Mesmes with his coat of arms obverse. It would have been one of a number of silver jetons presented to him in a purse as payment for his service in office for that year.
  6. A silver jeton issued for the wardens of St Jaques de la Boucherie, ia church in the quartier de la Grande Boucherie, Paris. Jetons were struck originally under Louis XIV in 1703. This one was issued circa 1730 +/- but utilising the same reverse dies as those of the 1703 issue. Interestingly, there is a die crack evident in the strike which runs from the C in the reverse legend `Docetque' through to the 0 in the date in the exerge. St Jaques was also the patron saint of the Orfevres (goldsmith /jewellers guild of paris). This powerful guild also issued jetons bearing the same effigy of St Jaques, but without the date.
  7. This jeton was issued in 1645 for the Burgundian Parliament which sat at Dijon, the main town in the region. It was struck shortly after the death of Louis XIII (1643) at which time the young Louis XIV was all of five years old. His mother, Anne acted as Regent, but the real work of the state was entrusted by her to Mazarin. No doubt this jeton was issued to re-inforce the succession and authority of the regency in the name of the king.
  8. This jeton was struck for the wardens of St Gervais, one of the oldest churches in Paris. Its history extends back to the fourth century and it is dedicated to St Gervais and St Protais. Jetons bearing this reverse had been issued under Louis XIV and dated 1715. This issue was struck circa 1750 under Louis XV and using the same reverse dies. Interestingly, this church also appears to have been the seat of the wine merchants guild who liked to be thought of as the `septieme corps des marchands' or the seventh merchant guild of Paris.
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