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Found 2 results

  1. Yesterday was my first time to the MOON Show in the Minneapolis, MN area. It is the largest show in the state of Minnesota for the year, and I went with no particular idea of what to expect. After my normal "one-time-through browse", I stopped back at the few tables that caught my eye. In the end, I only purchased one coin for the day, but it was one that was on my want-list for quite some time. I found this nice example (pictured below) of a Half Crown that features the small rendition of St. George Slaying the Dragon on the reverse splitting the date. The fact that St. George is on a horse is one draw for my collecting niche -- another draw is that I simply have a hard time saying no to a coin with this amount of eye appeal that also pictures Queen Victoria. It was a nice perk that it was also a better date of the small half crown Jubilee Head series. Sorry for the scuffed up slab -- I did as much buffing as I could, but a few scuffs still remain and can be seen in my pictures below. She is safely housed in a PCGS older green label holder, and graded as MS64 (which I agree with). Thanks for looking! -Brandon
  2. Ive got an old British coin, ive had it for a long time but coins isnt something that ive ever had an interest in. However i would like to know a little more about this coin, im in my early 20s so coins from 1888 isnt something that im going to know alot about, any info is good info, thanks in advance: http://i285.photobucket.com/albums/ll54/tich_2008/coins/VICTORIADEIGRATIA.jpg http://i285.photobucket.com/albums/ll54/tich_2008/coins/1888.jpg
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