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Found 10 results

  1. IMG_2431 2.HEIC Hi All, I have been given two coins from another family member who wanted to sell them to get some extra funds. One of the coins is what I think is a Russian 50 Kopeks from 1904, and the other is what I can imagine is a Russian War medal, which says is dated from 1905 - 1910. I was not sure if this was the correct forum but any help in terms of letting me know what the coin is or how much it is worth, where best to sell etc. would be very helpful. 50 Kopeks Diameter: 2.5/2.6mm, Thickness: 2mm War Medal: Diameter: 2.9mm, Thickness: 2mm Thanks, Sam IMG_2430.HEIC IMG_2432.HEIC IMG_2433.HEIC
  2. Hi everyone, I have this big coin/medal/medallion which I can't identify. Its diameter is ca. 47-48 mm and it has some strange letters engraved so I can't identify the script nor language. Does anyone know anything about this? Please see the pictures and kindly post here if you have any ideas. Thanks a lot in advance!!! Marko
  3. Hello everybody! Meet a Newbie) I found some info in the Internet, but cannot jadge... Need your help: is it original, please? (these photos is all I have) different light used when taking pics weights 2.4 oz (68g), 65 mm, about 2 mm thick THANK YOU!!
  4. Century21 Seattle (Expo62) HemisFair68 San Antonio Expo74 Spokane US Mint and Franklin Mint Expo82 Knoxville Louisiana World Exposition (Expo84) New Orleans
  5. http://imgur.com/yY8KZIa Its between 1/2oz-1 oz (closer to 1 oz, i can weigh it tonight). I got it probably 15 years ago at a coin shop in LA. I was young so i don't remember what the price was, or what it was labeled as. I would love some more information on it, but my goggling attempts have got me nowhere. It came in a terrible blue display case with no identification of any type. I assumed i could find something right away because it is not some generic coin. It has a fairly specific message on the obverse and reverse. That has not been the case. I would also assume it at least has to do with TIME magazine declaring him the man of the decade in 1990. That has still lead me no where though.
  6. Hello guys! Can you help me with this medal please? How many where minted in this variant(no dot after1855),catalog price etc. The medal is 28mm diameter and 10,1 grams. Thank you in advance! Mihai Zaharencu.
  7. Hello guys! I need omeone with the russian medal catalog to give me a hand. I got this medal"for defending Sevastopol".Can u tell me please how many where minted,it is a difference between the one witth the dot after 1855 and the one without.what s the catalog price. Thank you in advance! Mihai Zaharencu.
  8. I am very new here and have asked about this on an existing thread but didn't get much response . Does anyone know much about this medal? Any value monetarily or just historically?
  9. Hello, I would like to ask you for help with identification of US medal I have. I did measurements as follows: Diameter 32,2mm Thickness 1mm Weight 7,891g I am not sure if it's made of gold or not. Did anyone of you met this before? Thank you in advance, Petr
  10. Hi guys, I have a Belgium 1910 medal. Can someone tell me the mint quantity. Thank you in advance.
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