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Found 9 results

  1. I want to know more about this coin and it's value
  2. Hi, can anyone give me any help on this coin. it looks like it’s George the fourth. The coin is fully gold. Does anyone know anything about this coin value or could shed any light it would be greatly appreciated. We have been told it’s rare, but wouldn’t even know where to take the coin to be valued. Thank You.
  3. Dear collectors, I have this coin in my collection, however I have hardly any information. The only thing I know is it that is a "test coin" from a new kind of mint press back in the day. Oddly enough it features the King of Belgium (Roi de Belges) on one side with the Helvetia (Switzerland) on the other side. It weighs 6.45g and has a diameter of 21mm. Any information is highly appreciated :-)
  4. Stories like these get me excited! I love how you can hear the diver's voice in shock and joy through the scuba gear! http://www.cnn.com/videos/us/2015/07/28/gold-coins-found-florida-sot.cnn
  5. Here is a picture front and back of a gold coin that I am interested in buying, however, I can not seem to verify if it's an actual coin. The owner says that this is a King Mir Zakah coin, but I have my doubts and believe him to be wrong. It is 2.14 grams os solid gold as far as I can tell, however I haven't conducted testing for that yet. Can anyone help me identify this coin and maybe an idea of its worth.
  6. I have twelve of these, all different states. The edge says "24kt gold" followed by four symbols. I cannot make out all of them but there is a 76 and a P, both inside a square. The local gold buying place tested one and they it passed for 14k gold, not 24k. He couldn't find anything online about them so he didn't want to get involved. Anyone know what these are and why they're stamped 24k but testing as 14k? I believe his acid test because he rubbed the test stone with his own wedding band also and it yielded the same result as the coin. I'd love to know more about these because they are pretty nice.
  7. Hello to the Forum. I am strarting out here as well as in the company. We deal with gold coins and part of my job is to photograph coins for the website and catalogue. I am using Nikon with 100mm Tamron prime lens and whitebox with two light sources. I think the main concern for now is to position the light in such way to highlight fine details and get that lovely liquid yellow glow to the edges. I'd like to share what I have come up with so far and would welcome your opinions or suggestions on how that can be improved. Many thanks in advance, Elliott Basker
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