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Found 7 results

  1. Hi everyone. I'm new to the forum's and this is my first post, hope it's in the correct area! I have a fair sized Canadian penny collection, just missing an 1894, and I'm working on the different varieties of the different years. I have both the large and small 1920, and I came across an odd large 1920 at a junk sale, as you may see in the pictures, the middle coin is slightly smaller diameter than another large 1920 to it's left, it also has a very large raised edge as seen in the last picture. Any idea's on what I have here as I cannot find one like this listed in any guides or online anywhere? Thanks.
  2. As the title says, I have a Canadian 1$ bill from 1954, the serial number is 5000000, there is a fraction of the letters z and m in front of the serial number (Z/M). The signatures at the bottom are M. Beattie and H. Rasminsky. The banknote is in rough shape (obviously well-circulated): -There is a significant fold mark at the halfway point, and 2 less visible fold marks at the 1/4 and 3/4 points -It's gathered dirt and if it was circulated a lot, sweat too (The usual white around the edges has turned yellow) -One corner is folded, the others are slightly bent -Around the border there are some bends -On the reverse there is two clear liquid stains (saliva/rain???) If you prefer to see a picture: http://postimage.org/image/8upaizggx/ The picture was taken in an area without direct light...the yellowish color is really only present on the border. Could anyone give me an estimate on what it's worth? Cheers! -Jeremy
  3. recieved my 1/3oz $20 for $20 for the 2015 FIFA Women's World Soccer in Canada. The packaging it came with is for a Different coin a 1oz $25 for $25 O Canada Flag Series coin. Not the FIFA World Cup. My Coin $20 for $20 Coin (Correct) Packaging Error $25 for $25 1oz O Canada Flag Coin
  4. Please help me identify this rare hollow quarter. I got it as change from a gas station and all of my online research leads me to believe that it may possibly be a spy quarter (KGB, Soviet) It is a 1971 Canadian quarter, the detail of the coin is unbelievable, which leads me to believe that it is not a fake, or counterfeit coin. However when weighed it is exactly 2.4/2.5 grams which is exactly half of the weight of a Canadian minted quarter. There is deterioration around the edge, where it appears to be opened at one time and the coin does not separate like typical known spy coins. there is a green substance inside that appears to be oxidization, (but i don't believe that it is oxidization... I don't exactly want to start scraping it out just in case it turns out to be some kind of suicide capsul) Can anyone explain this coin? Greatly Appreciated
  5. Comes with case and all certificates as shown. Mintage was 8,000 for each individual coin, but only 1,336 complete 9-coin sets were issued. Original issue price back in 2010 on the coins was $500 each, $4500 for the complete set. Asking $4000 CDN / $3900 USD shipped for the whole set. Approximately 20% above melt value. Payment by check (must clear first), money order or Paypal+3%. I am located in Canada. Specifications for each coin: Finish: proof (with colour on the reverse) Composition: 58.33% gold, 41.67% silver Weight: 12 grams Diameter: 27 mm Edge: serrated Certificate: serialized Face value: 75 dollars Artists: Cecily Mok, Shelagh Armstrong, Kerri Burnett, Jody Broomfield, Catherine Deer, Arnold Nogy Album link
  6. I have a badly mistruck toonie that i recieved back in 1996. It has been in a case all this time and I was wondering if people could tell me what the value of the coin would be. If i were interested in selling it, what would be the best approach? Ebay, a coin store, private sale? I know i can't sell on this forum and i wouldn't abuse the system, i just want to know how to go about getting the best price. Thanks.
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