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Found 2 results

  1. Dear gentlemen, More than 10 years ago I've purchased in Rome in a Bolaffi shop this coin. Would be great to find out how this coin might look in a proper grade. Here is the image of the certificate as well. Weight is 5,75 g Diameter is about 17 mm Macedonian Kingdom, lifetime coin of Alexander III The Great, 336-323 BC. Bronze. Obverse - Alexander as Herakles clad in lion skin head-dress right. Reverse - a soldier's weapons: a club right above, bow in a quiver (arrow case) below. Between them probably the Greek inscription ALEXANDROU that translates into "Of Alexander". There is ">E" written on the top of the bow and club. It is unclear for me what ">E" on the reverse means. Would be great to find a catalog number, a proper mint (perhaps Macedonian?), and a correnct value. Thanks ain advance!
  2. Hello everyone. I'm new to the hobby. I purchased my first coin (an Alexander), listed online with this heading: "Alexander the Great Tetradrachm 175-125 BC Large Silver Coin". I'm attempting to retrieve some information on the region in which it was struck, and any other information applicable to the coin's production. Given the date, it was produced a couple centuries after his death. The listing contained the following verbiage... "Alexander the Great Silver Tetradrachm 175-125 BC. Two special things to notice about this particular coin, the obverse is doublestruck and on the reverse the helmet below eagle is uncommon variety. Weighs 16.8 and guaranteed genuine. You get the exact coin in the photo." Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks so much!!
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