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Found 2 results

  1. I'm rather surprise no one has posted any coins on the British Trade Dollar other then a collector DeMint who only posted a question on a 1900 year piece. Surely there must be a large number of collectors on this series which to me is very beautiful and detailing. There is a total of 45 varieties in this series raging from Year Types, Mints and Overdates. Year minted:1895 to 1934 3 Mints issue this series - "B' Bombay - "C" Calcutta - No Mark - Londan Mint 15 Overdates Looking forward to build a collection on this series. Here's one to start off. Denomination : 1 Dollar Year : 1929B Variety : "B" Bombay Mint Composition : Silver .900 fine Mintage : 5,100,036 pieces (Includes Overdates) Graded : MS-63. Total graded by NGC currently - 96
  2. Recently came across someone selling a Restrike Copy Of Straits Settlement $1 1909. As I didn't heard of a restrike for 1909, so I become curious and brought it from the person. From the pics, it looks like unc and new like prooflike coins. But once you got the coin, you see a big different. 1. Dia. 37.9mm instead of 34mm 2. weight : 26.66g (for 1903,04 with dia. 37mm, for 34mm should be 20g) 3. Non magnetic What I can said is nowadays, fake coins are making it so real even for the weights and sizes, it's really become worry for the coin collectors on finding a true real coins. As we know Straits Settlements $1 have silver content, so I did a few tests on it and failed the test, that's why I concluded this coin is fake. The tests I done are; 1. Sound test. This coin doesn't give a high and long pitch, it's give those sound like a copper-nickel pitch. 2. Magnet resistant test. As we know, silver is non magnetic and have some resistant to earth magnet. This held in a 45 degree angle, the earth magnet slide down without any resistant unlike my other silver coins. I not only brought this coin from him, I also brought a 1904B Straits Settlements coin. Amazing looking isn't it? 1. Dia. 37.9mm 2. Weight : 26.67g 3. Non magnetic 4. The artist's initials "DES" From the data above, one's will thought this is a real 1904B isn't it? But after the tests, it also proven is fake. How amazing that people can fake it so real. Even looking at sidney post on how to identify fake and real 1904 straits settlements coin, I think we coin collectors also need to upgrade ourself to able to detect all those fake coin from real.
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