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Found 2 results

  1. Hi all I operate auction sites I have Opal and gemstone site going now 5 years and gemstone site has been great last three months growing 250% in sales compared last year.. I started coin site 3 years ago as coins are more hobby to me as i always collected silver coins from Perth mint. and its growing also but need usa based silver coin seller a s anchor seller so we sold nearly 4,000 coins and all sites have sold nearly 300,000 items with around 75% sold in UsaAPlease send me message if any one can assist thanks wayne
  2. Hi I need some help / advice. I have a silver German East African 1 Rupie coin from 1892 It has Willhem II on front and Arms of the East African Company on the reverse. I have found out that this coin was minted 1890 -1902? & That 390,000 were minted? I cannot find out any more about them. I would like to know more of the history and also is it rare & what it's value is. Can anyone help? Thanks Avnoe
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