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  1. Dear all, I'm writing to you from Germany and hope someone might help me finding which what kind of gold coin I have inherited from my parents. I did intense research on the internet and simply couldn't find anything on this specific coin (not even a picture although found a similar one). Text says-front: "Winston Churchill 1874-1965" showing him with victory sign Back "June 1940... The finest hour" showing Big Ben marking 3 to twelve. Seems to hold 900 gold. Please have a look a the picture. I would very much appreciate any information on the coin. Thank you.
  2. the most famous and remarkable gold coins of the Ottoman Empire are those of the km # 638 series. 1HAYRIYE ALTIN these coins were used for commercial transactions as well as for jewelery. at the time of his kingdom MAHMUD II (1828 - 1833) it had given a relative liberty to the subordinate peoples to have in their possession such gold coins. at that time many poor people living in the countryside managed to get these coins by working hard they gathered them not to feel rich but more to endow their daughters. so when the time of the wedding arrived, they pierced these fine gold coins and made a golden necklace and splashed them on the neck of the bride and with these golden coins the new couple made their new house. This is the reason why most of these coins are pierced. many of these coins have disappeared since then and some have been rescued.and have remained very little because after the fall of the Ottoman empire and the creation of the new Turkish state, the Turks banned every transaction with these coins and after he had gleaned as much as he could have melted them. this law has been up to date. But there is something that the collectors of the Ottoman coins maybe not aware of is that among these golden Ottoman coins of that period some of them are really very rare. among those golden coins that left me as an inheritance my grandmother is that in the photo with date of cut 1223/23. The coins of this date are really difficult to find anyone who love these coins and is a fanatical collector of Ottoman coins There are also some variations in decorative flowers in relation to the other coins of this series and I believe that for all these reasons and for the history of these coins, the valuation of their collectible value must be very large. Thanks
  3. Hello! I really need a professional opinion. Here's a coin, found in Crimea. It seems to be of good quality, from a material that looks like gold. But on the web I didn't find any images, like the ones on this one. It says Zeus on one side and Apollo on the other, but I'm not sure about the language. In the word ZEYC the Y letter is a bit ruined. Please, help
  4. Hello- I am wondering if anyone can help. I am looking to get a single coin (or 2) to commemorate a 10 yr anniversary for an employee at our small business. We would like to get an estimate on this in gold or silver. We would like it to have some value. Is this even possible? We would like to possibly get our logo, core values, 10 yrs, etc on it. Anyone have any ideas? When checking online every place I saw had a minimum or of 100 or more coins. That's not what we would like. Your help would be greatly appreciated. ~ Jeniffer
  5. Hi , does anyone have any info or explanation ,as you can see one of my half pennies is brighter then the rest almost gold , I thought it might just be well preserved , but it stands out so much that perhaps it's been pressed with the wrong metal? Any thoughts?
  6. Hi everyone, Being an amateur I got the coins last month I figure it's probably hard to tell if it's real gold by looking at a picture but maybe someone might recognize the medallion and maybe there's no way a medallion of such sore could be made fake, it does not stick to magnet it clinks on the on the table just like a golden dollar it just looks too good to be real... Thank you in advance for any help... STAFF SERGEANT JOHN RETIRED
  7. rflight

    First Coin?

    Witch one would you choose for your first coin? Looking for a rare item rather than just a bullion price. What do you guys think? 1. 100€ Gold coin centenary of the republic of Estonia 1918-2018 100€ Gold Coin 1918-2019 Centenary 2. Gold and Silver coin set Gold and Silver Set 1918-2018
  8. RARE 100th anniversary Centenary of the Republic of Estonia Designer SIGNED GOLD COIN 2018 SIGNED by both designers Tiiu Pirsko and Mati Veermets 2018 makes this coin unique and one of a kind. The gold collector coin for the centenary of the Republic has been designed by Tiiu Pirsko and Mati Veermets. Its design features the Estonian national flower, the cornflower, and the oldest Estonian geometric design, in which the symbols represent perfect happiness, development and balance. This RARE GOLD COIN is of proof-like quality, Au 999, measuring 22mm in diameter and weighing 5.65 grams. The gold collector coin has a nominal value of 100 euros and only 3000 are minted. Coin number 1729 comes with personally signed certificate from both designers Tiiu Pirsko and Mati Veermets.
  9. Hello, I have two pieces of gold sycee and i am not good in reading chinese characters can anyone read it ? Thank you Petro
  10. Hello, Hi have a 971 gold medal, uncirculated. It is written on one side "SIMON BOLIVAR 1783-1830" with his face pointing a bit on his right side. On the other face of the coin it is written "EL LIBERTADOR" with Simon Bolivar riding a horse facing to a shin sun to his right, and a map of South America on hi back. The medal weights around 8 gr. and is stamp saying is 917 gold plus a mark next to it on an hexagon were is written inside 79 B. I'm not on numismatics so I don't have proper equipment, therefore I couldn't see clear what is written there clearly. Think is 79 B, but could be also 79 13, or even 79 18. By this, I don't know if I'm doing right, I'm trying to determinate the year of production and country. Because of this I think could be 79 (some year) and B from Bolivia. I tried to research online but didn't found this coin, just found something close to it on style, but silver: http://www.ebay.com/itm/Panama-1974-0-925-Silver-3-8538-oz-20-Balboas-Simon-Bolivar-PROOF-/321195547427 Some photos: http://imgur.com/a/wSXUj http://imgur.com/a/IZVNB http://imgur.com/a/1Uue9 http://imgur.com/a/OPnYc Some help would be appreciated to determine if it is a rare coin, how much coins has minted, country estimated value,...to collect as much information as I can. Then I can maybe try to sell it. Nice forum by the way, Cheers! EDIT: already posted photo of the mark I cannot see clear wahts there. For me 79 B EDIT 2: With last photo I managed to made with an old cd reader lent I can see is 29 B or 29 13, very dificult for me without numismatic knoledge to say what is there.
  11. Hey Guys! Me and my dad don't talk much, but.......... together we've collected coins for the past 20+ years Does anyone know how I can get some of the coins valued??? I heard amazing things about this site, let me know if you can help. Peace out Jay
  12. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCX0F27-4IppF-rNPAUBM3zw https://coincombinat.wordpress.com/blog/
  13. Hi everyone, I recently found a 2 identical gold coins and was wondering about their origin I placed the coin in concentrated nitric acid and there was no reaction. Specifications Coin weight ~1.6g shape:rectangle with round edges length ~1.5cm width~1.1cm nothing written on it .only a shape in the front and back one of the shape seems to be either palm trees or 2 swords crossing ,The other shape I dont understand a thing. Hope someone can Idntify it . Thanks in advance !
  14. Hi everyone, I recently found a 2 identical gold coins and was wondering about their origin I placed the coin in concentrated nitric acid and there was no reaction. Specifications Coin weight ~1.6g shape:rectangle with round edges length ~1.5cm width~1.1cm nothing written on it .only a shape in the front and back one of the shape seems to be either palm trees or 2 swords crossing ,The other shape I dont understand a thing. Hope someone can Idntify it . Thanks in advance !
  15. I'm looking to buy a significant amount of gold but i'm hesitant because i'm not sure what to expect going forward... Should i wait? If so, how low will it go??
  16. I know a guy that purchases off CCE and i was thinking about doing some purchasing through him. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance!
  17. So i'm dragging my feet over here ahead of Wednesday's FOMC meeting trying to anticipate how low spot will go... Any one want to throw out a prediction? (NOT HOLDING YOU TO IT)
  18. i recently found 5 identical Russian gold coins from the year 1899. Can anyone tell me the value and some extra info on the coins?
  19. http://www.theage.com.au/victoria/kerang-man-unearths-135000-gold-nugget-20150309-13ywni.html
  20. http://www.cnn.com/2015/02/18/middleeast/israel-gold-coins-discovery/index.html http://www.theguardian.com/world/2015/feb/18/divers-find-priceless-trove-of-gold-coins-off-israels-mediterranean-coast VIDEO https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8J_JQMLO8FY
  21. http://www.thejournal.co.uk/news/north-east-news/first-gold-coin-found-vindolanda-7289036
  22. Here is a picture front and back of a gold coin that I am interested in buying, however, I can not seem to verify if it's an actual coin. The owner says that this is a King Mir Zakah coin, but I have my doubts and believe him to be wrong. It is 2.14 grams os solid gold as far as I can tell, however I haven't conducted testing for that yet. Can anyone help me identify this coin and maybe an idea of its worth.
  23. Hey everyone, So, the Content team at Gainesville Coins reached out and did a bit of research on what coins experts within the industry are most interested in. We limited their responses to just 3 coins in order to narrow it down to their absolute favorites. I think we pulled a fairly decent array of personalities--some people were hardcore numismatists, others were avid bullion stackers, and still others were primarily financial analysts--that represent a diversity of expertise with coins. Some gave detailed explanations, while others were matter-of-fact. We asked our esteemed panel, “If you could ONLY have 3 gold coins or silver coins, which would they be, and why?" The results of our experimental "Expert Round-Up" can be found here>>http://www.gainesvillecoins.com/article/the-most-coveted-gold-and-silver-coins Take a look at their responses, and maybe a few of their choices will resonate with you. Then again, maybe not! We saw plenty of suggestions for rare numismatic coins, both U.S. and foreign, while some respondents preferred modern bullion coins. I would love for this to spark a discussion in the forum. We're all "CoinPeople" here, so feel free to offer your own informed choices!
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