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Found 6 results

  1. 4 years of research on more than 11000 specimens of the most mysterious currency of the 21st century. The currency struck in Finland in 2002 at 70,000,000 copies with the letter (s) on behalf of Greece. This 2 euro coin has managed to divide many collectors and valuers. It is a mystery that small and big mistakes were found between coins from the same matrix and the same mint in our great research we have found up until now 3 coins with the most weird and big errors and we present them take a look the 2 of them... stay connected The investigation continues
  2. hello thank you in advance for any help you give me I am trying to watch all these videos about the 82 pennies large date this small date that I have three that weighs 3.1 grams but believe they're all large date so do those have any value at all cuz it doesn't specify on either the videos they're all Denver mint that weighs 3.1 grams, if you read my ignorant this is only my second month dealing with coins...
  3. Hi to all, my name is Dwayne and I am about 3 months into a this amazingly addictive and interesting hobby and I have what seems to be a new discovery and part of the 1982 Lincoln Memorial Cent set of varieties. I say "new" because of the nature of this amazing coin. This is a 1982 Lincoln Memorial Cent, No mint mark or Philadelphia Mint, with the Large Date and is the heavier 3.11g (copper) planchet/coin and it is a strong double die reverse with counter-clockwise doubling of nearly all designed features and the grade as far as I judge is around AU 58 or perhaps a tad higher with the sh
  4. Hi, I have updated and expanded my 15 error coin albums at http://tinyurl.com/hyjdzmd The 15 albums contain error coin scans and macro photos from my collection and my visits at the former Royal Danish Mint. 1) Presentation (58 photos) 2) Blanks, planchets and coin production (112 photos) 3) Planchet errors (531 photos) 4) Die errors (553 photos) 5) Striking errors - part 1 (795 photos) 6) Striking errors - part 2 (216 photos) 7) Twin errors, token errors, literature, tools of the trade etc (744 photos) 8) Error coin fun (23 photos) 9) My error coin exhibi
  5. Hi All, I need some help on this most ugliest straits settlement coin. Is it really or fake? Is it PMD, PMJ or mint errors? 1898 50 cents straits settlement coin. Composition: Silver? Weight: 13.42g Diameter: 30.8mm
  6. Hi, I have updated and expanded my error coin albums at https://www.flickr.com/photos/adanisherrorcollector/ The 15 albums contain error coin scans and macro photos from my collection and from my visits at the Royal Danish Mint. 1): Presentation (49 photos) 2): Blanks, planchets and coin production (110 photos) 3): Planchet errors (516 photos ) 4): Die errors (522 photos) 5): Striking errors - part 1 (711 photos) 6): Striking errors - part 2 (207 photos) 7): Twin errors, token errors, literature, tools of the trade etc. (719 photos) 8): Error coin fun (21 photos)
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