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  1. Nice coin leggy. Just out of interest does anyone know what that creature is on the floor?
  2. Hey Ikaros I also have an interest in astronomy, i`ve got a telescope but don`t use it.Was looking on a certain site the other day at a video from the iss i think or some shuttle,and it was filming earth in orbit.Just beautiful. I ain`t a science kinda person though.
  3. I`m just interested to see why people started collecting. I collect because, i find it fascinating, it gives me that mental stimulation that many other hobbies don`t.I find it interesting and love the feels and the prints on the coins,and i always think about what was going on in the year the coin was made or if it was say like made in 1938 i`d think that it was around when WWII was on, and it just makes me imagine who would have had this coin,and what shops they would have went it etc. So yer, why did you start collecting?
  4. Yep this one: http://www.coinpeople.com/index.php?/topic/7628-bermuda/ Though it`s not mine :-( But i`m gonna look for one similar,and i`m gonna get it.Look forward to it. May i appalagise for my crappy scanning skills lol, i ain`t used to scanning,and by the time i realised that i scanned them wrong, i had already finished them and can`t be asked to do them again lol.But i`ll remember next time.But you should be able to see my coins by using the magnifying glass tool.
  5. I guess my goal is just to collect as many as i want and then order then in cases etc. I mean i don`t really have that much of a goal i just got really hooked on collect them two days ago.I`m just fascinating by them,the dates and just the different prints and stuff they have, and i`m just generally gonna collect and then just see where it goes. I never really thought about organising them till a few hours ago. Cheers Carl
  6. Am i the only one that thinks this coin has a middle east look about it?
  7. CoinGeek9


    What a beauty!!! I love turtles and i just love this coin, i want this coin.I`m gonna hunt on ebay for one, thanks i just found my first coin i want to actually search out to find.
  8. Hey CP My name is Carl, i`m 20 and from UK.I`ve been somewhat of a coin collector since i can remember, i haven`t had a huge interest in it,but i`ve always kept foriegn coins and special ed ones. I am now a coingeek, but i don`t know alot about coins, i`m just taking it up as a full hobby and am going to get some books and read up on it all, improve my knowledge and add to my collection. I also have OCD(no i`m not contagious,so please don`t think i`m a mutant or anything.Some of my own family members have ignored me cause i have suffered from major depression,so please don`t dislike me befo
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