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  1. I think sellers should have a right to determine how they want their payments. Even if it cost them intl sales.



    I have found that every seller I approached toke paypal if I offered to pay 5% more

    With non euro countries it is that or nothing for me.

    A bank transfer costs like 20 dollars and I got defrauded once by a scam artist I was using Western Union for the first and last time

  2. I think the problem is the designers computer needs to be updated to be able to use cyrillic characters, I had to do that with one of my older PC's once so I could write emails etc. in Russian.



    Somewhere last year I installed Japanese capability on my computer the program is called Applocale japanese

    My neighbor is Japanese

    I am sure it works for Russian too Applocale and then somthing

    The second link should get you to Russian but you better read the complete instructions








  3. Feathers under the right arm look very weak too

    It has the full look of goldplated

    Maybe someone finally figured out how to strike wolfram and goldplate it

    Then all sizes and surface testing would be perfect and you would need to saw the coin in half or seriously cut it to find out

  4. It was easy for you to learn English and German because you speak Flemish (A Germanic Language related to both German and English) For an Italian it would be easier to learn French (Romance Language related to Italian) rather than German, as for a Korean it wold be easier to learn Chinese than English.


    yes there is a line running horizontally through the middle of west europe with Indo-Germanic strain of languages German-Dutch-Flemish-English

    Especially the syntax is the same and basic verbs tend to be simple

    to the south of europe you got the Latin based languages Italian French Spanish

    In principle an Italian on vacation in Spain will understand wat is being said

    However I speak fluent French but gave up on Spanish after 200 hours of study which is equivalent to 4 years of class because the verbs in all the forms and subjonctives are too hard .

    I am sure if I tried to learn Japanese it would be from total scratch and rather a brainwashing then a learning at first

  5. Edward II. At the probable instigation of his wife, Queen Isabella. After he had his colon cautered his wife would act as regent for Edward III but not for long as she quickly fell out of favour, and found a lover in France that was not popular.


    She was very loosely portrayed in the movie "Braveheart", quite inaccurately, implying that she seduced William Wallace, she never even met him.


    I remember reading he was homosexual which was frowned upon in those days

    Also apart from Sulfuric acid used by the Medici the red hot poker was the only "undetectable" method ( Barbers or so called doctors of course could see the foaming at the mouth or the burning ) I think Arsenicum would have been preferable if it had been me

  6. At the bottom of the first refernce is a list made in Germany for all of the world

    However they miss MS which is equivalent to Bankfrisch or MS 60 or better




    Here is somebody who does not know what to do with FDC ( which should be MS65 or better) bottom of page again

    BU is MS63 or better ( = Choice uncirculated )




    Essai is a trial strike

    Two instances come to mind

    You got 5 possible designs like the first lucky angel design and you teststrike the five finalists for the jury and only the lucky angel made it in production


    Second you want a trial of your die on a material that will not damage the die like lead eg


    However there is a lot of coins and medals out there with the words essai on them and put in plastic with a certificate and to me those

    are just ways of selling some at a higher price

    I got 4 essais


  7. Russian is the best language to curse in, hands down. If you grew up in Russia there was lots to curse, so there are many varied words that are used depending on the degree necessary of the cursing.


    If it comes to being varied French is lovely too

    My mother did all her studies in French and she knew expressions nobody will use outside the family or schoolfriend group

    I think if you want to curse you do not do like the chinese

    " may you live in intresting times"

  8. I have the same exact Kaiser copy stand and find it makes a real difference.

    (I use a Canon 20D SLR with a 100mm Canon macro lens and a diffused Speedlite.)


    That photo of the SL Quarter is a beauty! :ninja:


    PS - I use Photoshop Elements (aka Starter Edition) too, it came free with my Canon.

    It works great and is more than most people will ever need.


    I got a Canon 30D with zoom to 90 mm smallfilm and a special 5 diopters screw on lense ( for close up work but I did not discover the benefits yet ) The camera on an aluminium 40 year old tripod solid as a rock

    I got calibrated full spectrum lights at 6000 K factor 95 ( they are spiral saving lights 18 watts supposedly giving 100 watts equivalents)

    What I do not understand is what is an OTT light ? since I am using the equivalent of 3x100 watts and only getting diafragma 16 at 1/80 seconds

    I seem to need more light because my lights have no reflectors ( and produce no glare on the coin )

    My canon 30D is computer coupled by USB cable so I can set it and shoot from the laptop and make corrections and reshoot by pressing the camera icon with the mousepointer . I use 400 ASA at 6000 K Large Jpeg but have the option for RAW which I haven't even tried


    Also I got the full phoshop and like to cut coins out of plastic holders . I spent a week studying the manual and just discovered I can burn out any glare spots should I have them . Dustparticles is a click from the healing brush and they are gone. Putting any background color on is nice.

    But I use mainly brighness and contrast . And for a quicky when I use my scanner I use desaturate to black and white to get rid of any rainbow colors on silver capsules.


    My main problem seems I am using non directional light with no reflector behind the lightsource ( color is superb though )

  9. Are these all of them?



    Canada-Maple Leaf








    I do not know what your definition of Bullion Coin is but Britannia and Wiener Philharmoniker are 8 - 12 % premium Bullion Coins in Europe

    The new American Bufalo is 12 %

    Mexico Libertad is not seen

    Kurgerrand-Maple-Nugget-New Eagle are exactly at goldprice but so are 20 Francs from Belgium, France,Switzerland, 10 Fl holland and the sovereign

    some so called investor coins go for melt or less ; many 100 canadian dollar commems do not get melt price and yet they are supposed to be not Bullion Coins but for me they are

    4 Ducats from Austria restrike nearly allways goes below melt ( you know those big wafer thin coins)


    I got this investor coin 14% below melt on ebay France


  10. English is the worst language to make sense of of all the European languages, so many words have different pronunciations etc. for instance to read, and then read. Same word, different pronunciation for present and past tenses. Makes tonnes of sense. :ninja:


    It toke me 9 years to learn passable French

    It toke me 3 years to learn very good English

    It toke me 3 years to learn good German forgetting about the dem der den das stuff


    English has only ONE page of irregular verbs French must have dozens not to speak about the subjonctive and the reflective verbs with SE in front like se lever and se laver and s'aimer etc

    English only put an s to the third person , French has six persons je, tu, il, nous,vous, ils not to forget the future and the provisional modes

    French wants everything to be male or female " la petite chose" is correcht for the small thing but if it is a booktitle about a teacher " le petit chose" is the only correct title .


    Of course on the rare occasions I find an english word with an i in it I go to my Heritage dictionary of the English language which tells me phonetically how to pronounce it .

    I seem to understand some words are even undefined like Gemini ( ending in eeee or eye )


    Oh and I read books in 5 languages

    English is the best to curse and talk sex ( no English dictionary translated so 40 years ago I got me the Heritage dictionary )

    French is the best to be romantic and obtuse

    Flemish is ,,, well boaring even after the modernisation of the I think 50's were the archaic forms were dropped

    German ; with a sentence half a page long I lose intrest very quickly

    Spanish I do not know it well enough ; I read a quarter of Cervantes in the old Spanish and gave up : so now I stick to comic strips and the irregular verbs and exceptions on exceptions detract me too much

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