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  1. Aww it didn't sell, lol. My dad worked for a plastics company back in the 80's and they used these coins to encase in plastic as paperweights. Basically they were so junk even back then that a plastics factory bought a ton of them to mess around with. This is the same company that suspended cow crap in large plastic paperweights for fun. Lol

  2. I definitely agree with the "don't clean coins" mentality... But I will say that sometimes you can't avoid needing to. I have lots of WWII Era steel, zinc and aluminum coins that have rusted or corroded over the years. They are intrinsically worthless in that state and there isn't much in the way of solvents to clean aluminum or zinc oxides off coins. So... Out comes to jewelers brush. It's an ultra fine, oiled brass brush. It's so soft it feels like cotton. It's abrasive, and will definitely leave hairline, but it will remove the unstable surface of the coin and leave you with a reasonable looking piece. Never, and I repeat never do that with anything of value... Because that's how you remove value not just dirt. Mild solvents are the best... Olive oil, watered down soap, or more risky ones like watered down acetone or jewelers pickle.

  3. Thanks DF, that top one is apparently a Pysa from the 1880's, from Zanzibar as you said. Still can't figure out that second one though, eh, maybe eventually I'll figure it out.


    Thanks Art, these are really pretty in hand. Quite happy with them.

  4. Made a few purchases today. Probably won't be buying a whole lot for a little while but I'm pretty happy with these to hold me over for a bit, lol.


    First is a "hay" Groat from England. James I, 1603-1625, apparently one of the first kings to produce bust coinage in England.



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