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  1. 20 hours ago, Art1.2 said:

    Can you tell me a bit more about these one-time use numbers that your phone generates. Special app? Special bank? Credit or debit card? 

    Both Apple Pay and Google Pay (formerly Android Pay) use NFC to talk to the credit card machine at the retailer. They transmit the card number (which is generated specifically for this transaction) on the fly, so if the credit card machine has been tampered with only one transaction is affected (instead of canceling your payment card, you just tell your bank about that specific transaction from that retailer and you're done).

    No cost for this, but your bank/credit union/... must support Apple Pay/Google Pay ... it's a game changer. 

  2. I used to search half dollar rolls that i'd buy at the bank ... more often than not i'd get lucky and get silver halves (sometimes entire rolls). i haven't really tried since moving to new york, but i low-key think there could be more to be had here. but i'd have to make time for it ... the idea of "going to the bank" has sorta fallen off the radar, and i'm about to close my account at chase (i'm moving my banking relationships to credit unions, which i don't think will have that much of this sort of action). 

  3. that's a great start ... i think it may be difficult to reach many kids this way for a bunch of reasons, but i also think there's a fundamental sort of curiosity that perhaps can be tapped. 

    when i'm reaching across certain divides and i have to write for younger or less literate audiences i use a tool like this: http://www.hemingwayapp.com/ ... it analyzes your writing and helps you break things into more accessible bites.

  4. I sold off most of my collection when I started grad school, so now I'm thinking about returning and what I might return to. I think you're doing a really generous thing, Art ... The only bit I wonder about is whether or not what you write is meaningful to those you're giving these coins to ... 

  5. i've never liked the albums where you press the coin into the cardboard (although i'd totally buy one to use to keep track of what i have).


    home-produced albums almost certainly have problems like chemicals that would interfere with preservation ... you could go out and buy the right kind of paper, but labels and printer stuff would screw things up.


    art's idea of an app to produce this stuff is pretty cool, presumably that you could print it "safely."

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