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  1. Thank you both for the input I found the following info on the net: Kingdom of Lombardy-Venetia Francis Joseph I of Austria (1848-1866) 1 Soldo 1862 Franz Joseph I, 1 Soldo 1862 Material Copper Weight 3,33 g Score 19 mm Coin Description MONETA SPICIOLA PEL R· LOMB· VENETO MONET SPICIOLA Pel R · LOMB · VENETO Max.price: 1862 A excavation of 22,270,000 pieces 80 € 1862 B excavation of 8.97 million pieces 100 € 1862 V excavation of 9.39 million pieces 120 € http://stribrnak.cz/2009/08/
  2. Not sure how to work out the date and whether a mint mark exists here or is readable?
  3. Please assist with coin info and possible value estimate Thank you
  4. Both sides of the coin are the same. I have no idea if perhaps a token?
  5. While familiarizing myself with coin grading - please share your opinion regarding the grade of the canadian 10C
  6. Thank you all - needless to say your comments are read with much enthusiasm and appreciation! Duly noted! I had no intention to study and monitor coins other than those recently past down to me from my Grandfather. I find myself in quite a pickle of late - it seems i may well have caught of bug of some sought - attacks the central nervous system - involuntary reflexes - monitoring modern coins almost as soon as the teller hands over the change! CONTAGIOUS
  7. Diameter 1.5cm. I think it may well be a Gersh - havent looked up dates however found similar measurements on the net. Also found a bronze - cant see mint mark - took pic with phone cam (poor image) but will be back later with scans.
  8. Antique coin bracelet - 13 coins on charm - silver validation markings visible : Do the coins lose their market value as jewerly items or are the coins graded individually at all or just add to the weight? There are some rather awesome coins on this bracelet.
  9. Many thanks! Cant seem to find reference to the George V "masonic" coin anywhere on the net - my vision already questionable after viewing hundreds of galleries for possibles and then being distracted by the whoopi frenzi of " i think i may have that coin too" ......or....perhaps not...
  10. Hi All I need your expert eye with some of the attached and if any have high value estimates; * 1897 East Africa 1 Pice * 1870 Diez * Ethiopian Coin im unsure of * Another unknown with a triangular pattern with George V Rex Humbly grateful!!!
  11. Thanks so much!! Need to pick your brain some more if you dont mind..
  12. Hi All Please asssit with info regarding the attached coin. Many thanks
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