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  1. 1940 penny question !!!!! What's the story on the exergue lines for the 1940 British penny issue. There's a one line and two line variety, but which one is harder to find? Is there a premium attached to the better coin? __________________________ mother of the bride dresses discount wedding dresses mother of the groom dress
  2. Another New Guy !!!!! Hi everybody! My name is Kevin, I've been collecting U.S. coins for about 30 years and have been working on completing 18 different sets of U.S. coins. I have completed so far Jefferson nickels, Mercury Dimes, Roosevelt Dimes, Washington Quarters and Franklin Halves. I am working on Indian Head Cents, Lincoln Cents, Liberty "V" Nickels, Buffalo Nickels, Seated Liberty Half Dimes, Barber Dimes, Barber Quarters, Standing Liberty Quarters, Walking Liberty Halves, Kennedy Halves, Morgan Dollars, Peace Dollars, Ike Dollars. I hope to have 2 more completed sets by the end o
  3. A Strange Auction!!! Here’s a peculiar eBay auction. I’m not convinced that this piece is authentic, but I’ve never seen one of these live, so I’m not sure. http://rover.ebay.com/rover/1/711-53200-19255-0/1?type=2&campid=5335826004&toolid=10001&customid=&ext=110609798138&item=320491370355 What is strange, is that the price has been driven up by a single buyer with a very low rating. I wander if this is a real buyer or a ghost designed to drive up the price? Also, the same seller - shopcollect, has sold fake coins in the very recent past: http://rover.ebay.com/
  4. Unscannable Banknotes!!! Iwas going to post the Chile 5000 Pesos from 2009, It is an interesting pink polymer note with and owl on the back. However, my scanner will not scan it because of security features. Does anyone have information on what special dye they use or is it a pattern that the scanner looks for? mother of the bride discount wedding dresses mother of the groom dresses
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