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  1. I presume that it's a minimum of VF grade ?
  2. Third/fourth issue sixpence. Mintmark eglantine, 1573-1578. Dated 1575. Spink 2563 (Thanks to Tom Redmayne for the ID). Found when metal detecting on 12/06/2011
  3. I was given this 1998 £2 coin today in Morrisons... The 'I' is missing in GIANTS. Is it rare ? Thank you.
  4. Thank you for your reply about the damage. Hopefully I'll find another in near perfect condition. (wishful thinking).
  5. I don't suppose there is anything I can do about it's condition. ?
  6. John I, Class 6b2, North 975/2 dating from c. 1209-1217 I found this coin in 2008, it has been recorded by my FLO.
  7. Thanks Luke for your reply, at least I now know what to look for.
  8. Hi I'm Tony and from the North West (England). A moderator on another forum (thank you Tom) spotted a posting on here about a coin with a faulty 0 in 2004 (see pic) Are they worth anything or just collecting for the fun of it? Cheers Tony.
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