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  1. Thanks for your prompt response, Drusus and ccg, I had not considered that there might be two different imperial crowns, which makes sense. However, to answer ccg's suggestion, I am referring to the two dots that separate the diamond shapes, like a colon :, on the headband of the crown. The photographs that Drusus provided indicate that there should be two round diamonds in those locations on both crowns, although I have always heard the dots referred to as diamonds.
  2. Aloha, friends, I have collected the coinage of King-Emperor George V for several decades, collecting types rather than dates, and am hoping that someone out there can answer one perturbing question for me. Why do the coins of India and Sailana, which feature the crowned portrait of the king, not have the pearls in the royal crown that are evident on the crown worn by the king on the coins of Canada, Australia, British Honduras, East, West, and South Africa, British Guiana, the Straits Settlements, Hong Kong, New Zealand, Southern Rhodesia, British North Borneo, Mauritius, Cyprus, Ceylon,
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