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  1. I think some hollowed out coins are called smugglers coins this trench art is great, congratulations.
  2. Love the colours, congrats I have seen some silvers like this but not been lucky enough to own one yet
  3. Hi, From my point of view as someone who does not collect pristine coins but prefers circulated coins with age and history shown on the coin Warts and all is best to me but not too badly worn, I like to see the detail of a coins design ....Chop marks are a plus and Counterstamps are nice to have. Love tokens are Ok too. To me they add an extra dimension to the coin but I fully understand someone who prefers UNC coins would consider it as damage or defacement.
  4. Hi, I was wondering if someone could help me ID this token At least I think its a token ? it weighs 19.9 grams and is 30mm dia One side has a dragon the other says Hing Kong and has a picture of highrise buildings and a Bauhinia blakeana (orchid tree) thank you NSC
  5. Hi, I have come across this commemorative coin . Does anyone know anything about it ? Its 50mm dia and 50grams Thank you in advance NSC
  6. Thank you very much for your answers. On the day i found it, I didn't think it was a coin but after someone mentioning the possibility and the fact it is not stamped as silver -I thought I'd ask . It is great to know about its origin though Maybe one day I'll find a really old coin with my detector. thanks to all replies. NSC
  7. Hi, Being very new to coin collecting my knowledge is only slightly above 0 So please excuse my ignorance. Another hobby is metal detecting I recently found this silver medallion and yes I cleaned it with silvo polish (I didnt know it may of been a coin)...dont say it - I know ! A member of your forum suggested that it might be an old coin and that I ask about it here...and so here I am It says...TEAHTAN or YEAHTAN Does anybody know if it could be coin or anything about its origin ? Thanks NSC
  8. Hi, I am a newcomer to coin collecting. I started in June this year. I have purchased a few on Ebay but I am also a keen metal detectorist. I realise the coins we dig up metal detecting are often poor quality so I try and buy the best that I can afford. great site thanks for having me here. NSC
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