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  1. Minted in 1709 (AN8) "The Vatican leading, of the pope processions to the peace foundation between France and Austria" PORTAVERVNT TABERNACVLVM FOEDERIS Procession with banner representing the SS. Savior, led to shoulder from faithful and I continue from the Pontiff and monks; in exergue, MDCCIX This is a very scarce and historical medal. 40mm in size
  2. I do agree with you, as it looks mint state to me also. I've lost a lot of respect in TPGS, for gradeing 16th to 19th century German coins. I've gotten to the point that I will not send in any coins to PCGS or NGC. I can spot a fake when I see one, but I did like the protection that the slab gives.I now use Air Tight holders for all my coins. The only problem is finding a holder to put my larger Thalers of 70mm and larger in.
  3. This Thaler has a minage of 10,000. It is what is called a mining Thaler. The crossed hammers on the rev. is how you tell its a mining Thaler. From my German States collection.
  4. A little history about the Duke Augustus was the seventh child of Henry, Duke of Brunswick-Lüneburg. After complicated negotiations with his family members and an intervention by Emperor Ferdinand II, it was agreed that he should inherit Wolfenbüttel, whose last ruler had died in 1634. Because of the Thirty Years' War, he could not move into his residence until 1644. Augustus instituted a number of government reforms, and founded the Bibliotheca Augusta, a large library, in Wolfenbüttel. Under the pseudonym Gustavus Selenus, he wrote a book on chess in 1616, Chess or the King's game, and o
  5. One of the commemorative Talers (Thaler)from my collection. DATE:1666 MINT:Gosler MINT OFFICIAL:Henning Schluter (1626-1672) RULER:August II (1634-1666)
  6. 1888 German 5 Mark Mintage: 200,000
  7. I've not changed my collecting habits. I still collect 1700 to 1918 German commemoratives graded by PCGS, NGC and ANACS. I do not buy every week like I use to.
  8. There was C mint marks. Here is a list of German states that used the C mint mark. Cassel (Westphalia) 1810-1813 Clausthal (Brunswick) Clausthal (Hannover) 1813-1834 Dresdan (Saxony) 1779-1804 Frankfurt (Germany) 1866-1879
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