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  1. It is a fantasy coin. If nothing else, the fact that the legend on the obverse is in Latin letters and the denomination on the reverse in Cyrillic letters should raise a big red flag. The obverse is an imitation of one of the silver Livonian coins (for example, Bitkin 635, 48 Kopeek for Livonia) and the reverse is an imitation of Bitkin 589 (5 kopeek pattern coin). Hope you didn't pay too much for it.
  2. Thanks for the link, Igor! Not too many coins of Nicholas II, but great quality there is. A good thing that I don't collect the proofs, or I'd be in big trouble here!
  3. Welcome back, gxseries ... Congratulations on your new job!
  4. I agree with RARENUM on this one ... probably fake. Such high grade in this series just does not exist. Besides, there are funny irregularities.
  5. Well, if it really is dated 1900, and really Peter II, then I would have to say it has no value whatsoever. Because it would be a fantasy coin. Do you know when Peter II lived? Or did you mean Nicholas II?
  6. That's funny ... in German, a colloquial term for thief (or pickpocket) is "Langfinger"!
  7. Bought several years ago on eBay for 40 €: It would probably grade MS-64 except for a little scratch in the hair ... wonder what people are paying for this now?
  8. I really don't know anything about the market within Russia. All I can see is what is sold in auctions outside of Russia. The best coins are going one-way back to Russia. What is left for collectors like myself is either not very desirable, too expensive, or it is something I already have. If I wanted to start a Russian collection today, it would be nearly impossible.
  9. But there were some good threads very recently (NY Sale, denga research...) I have also noticed that there are less frequent threads, but usually they are very interesting to read. Must have something to do with the market today in Russian coins, which IMHO is pretty much "kaputt" these days for the average collector -- as opposed to speculants. Sad, but true.
  10. I cannot take pictures of the coin I won until I travel to the USA again, pick it up, and take it back home to Switzerland. But the catalog picture of lot 475 is very nice!
  11. I bid on lots 474, 475 and 476. I won lot 475 (gold 5 roubles 1910). Although I was quite happy to win just one coin which was ex-Julian, I really wanted to have lot 474 (the 1906 silver 50 kopecks).
  12. All I can say is said much better here... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RBHZFYpQ6nc
  13. I'm interested in lots 474, 475 and 476 -- anybody know what they brought? Thanks!
  14. Thanks, alexbq2, for this information! I'm sure it will be very useful to people who collect wire money. I would buy a catalogue, but unfortunately I don't collect these.
  15. Thanks for the high resolution photos. I think the fields look strange, and people have already remarked about other things. Question is, why buy a coin like this with so many red flags? Maybe it is genuine, but much nicer examples can be found for not too much money. I wouldn't buy it.
  16. The irregular denticles look more suspicious to me than the lettering. Aside from that, the coin was harshly scrubbed and borderline VF condition, and 1878 is a common date. Doesn't make much sense to counterfeit an 1878 rouble (to me, at least). What does the coin weigh?
  17. Soviet and modern Russian commemorative coins are also my "side" collection which I have bought simply for the amazing artistic quality of the designs. Ideologically, of course, they have no significance for me except as a kind of historical interest. But what sheer beauty there is in those pieces of silver and gold!
  18. Deleted ... sorry about that! There was a glitch right after my posting the above message, but it seems that all is OK now.
  19. And the "happy farmer" is also a recurrent theme: "It took the mind of the nation into the space eventually:"
  20. I think it was actually 0.05g but in either direction (+/-), so some coins could differ by a total of 0.1g in weight and still be OK. Uzdenikov's reference gives more details. In reality, though, there were probably some (very few) occasions when a coin exceeded this limit. 6.53g seems OK to me. And the coin looks nice ... I don't know why anyone would have to clean a gold coin, though, unless they dug it up somewhere! The pictures are not good enough to tell if this coin has been cleaned or not.
  21. Very strange that we must wear gloves to handle scratched and otherwise damaged coins!
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