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  1. Mikhail, I think (not 100% sure, but he was the first Romanov, wasn't he?)
  2. I like the bottom left image the best. In the image at upper left, Nikolai's forehead seems overexposed. It is more natural in the lower picture which still shows a great deal of mint luster. Both images on the right with diffused lighting seem a bit too red to me.
  3. The weight is correct ... but I don't know exactly about the dimensions since I don't have my references at hand. Are you sure that the mintmaster is "AP" and not "АГ"? (Cyrillic letters, e.g. "AG" in Latin letters). With serifs, these letters can look very similar. "АГ" would be legitimate mintmaster initials for 1899 (Apollon Grasgov) as would also be "ФЗ" or "ЭБ". Perhaps you could post some pictures? That would help in case there are anomalies in the design. The bust of Nikolai II underwent some minor changes over the years. Also, your local coin dealer can tell whether or not the outer surface is really gold or not. If not, then the case is clear. Otherwise, it is perhaps gold plated, but then the weight and dimensions would probably vary somewhat from the standards.
  4. Thanks! This one (lot 2270, 1913 Tercentenary Romanov rouble) is not "high relief, Bitkin 336", but low relief -- Bitkin 335. Look at the last segment of the chain running close to the rim on the right, obverse side ... short, not long. Would you grade this one MS-64 with all the scratches (look at Nikolai's forehead and other areas close by)? ... I wouldn't ... Of course, it is much more difficult to find flat strikes of this series in anything better than AU, than of those in high relief striking. Nevertheless, I see this as a prime example of "market grading".
  5. There are also lots of very deceptive fake 12 rouble platinums out there! Even for the platinum experts, it seems that these are very difficult to distinguish from the originals. I think there was an article about these in one of the back issues of the JRNS, but I can't remember which one.
  6. The Bitkin catalogue does not list such a variety. Can you post images of the two sides and of the edge, if possible? Be aware that this series is rare (only 6,000 were struck) and, as such, is often counterfeited. I would be very surprised if a genuine 1839 Borodino commemorative 1-1/2 rouble was found just lying around in a box somewhere.
  7. I believe this particular coin is now being sold in Dmitry Markov's New York Sale (just in case you want to buy it back... )
  8. Any idea when these will be up on Sixbid.com?
  9. WOW ... ... VERY nice coins! Not just Lincolns ... love those Buffalo nickels, too! PS ... you might want to put on some sunglasses before visiting that site ...
  10. There is a short biography of Mr. Brekke written by Randolph Zander in the front of Vol. I of the J.F. Elmen WWCC Brekke sale of 1993. The Gorny & Mosch catalogue of the recent T.W. Bakken sale has a nice write-up of him. However, I'm not sure that it would be permitted to reproduce these here... At least I noticed that Jim Elmen has a copyright notice in the catalogues and sells the back issues; didn't look at the G&M catalogue, but the same probably applies. Presumably there will be something upcoming in the next JRNS?
  11. Is it just me, or does this site have an extremely slow server?
  12. Very sad news, indeed. Russian numismatics (and other branches as well) have so much to thank them for. I feel lucky and honored to own just one coin from Tom W. Bakken's collection: May they rest in peace.
  13. Thank you, and Happy Thanksgiving to you! ... and FOOD!
  14. Definitely fake. The first 10 rouble coins with this design (or rather, with the genuine design, of which this is a poor copy) were not struck until 1898. There are rare patterns of 10 rouble gold coins ("imperials") with date 1895, but these have a different design: http://www.m-dv.ru/catalog/id,949/type.html
  15. Funny thing ... almost no detail left on any of the coin, except for the "T" which stands out loud and clear...
  16. bobh

    English coins

    Welcome to CoinPeople, moocat! Funny ... my niece, when she was about 2 yrs. old, would call any kind of animal a "deer". So when we drove past cows in a pasture, she would exclaim: "Look ... moo-deer!" Now, what might a "moo-cat" be ... ??? Is there a mintmark on the dime? Look on the reverse at the bottom left of the fasces. If it says "D", you're in luck -- regardless of condition!
  17. I really like the Greek piece, although all three are quite striking!
  18. May I ask, starting out on what? Is there more that you wish to sell along the way? Even common date coins can have added value if they are somewhat rare varieties, or if in exceptionally high grade. You could post high-resolution photos of what you have here ... there are several members of this forum who could spot possible die varieties of your coins.
  19. St. George looks like a cowboy on that horse!
  20. I found it very hard to narrow my choices down to three. If I went by sheer beauty, there would be others, different coins ... if I chose by rarity, then there would be still others. The ones I chose were somehow significant to me, but I'm not sure why. The Russian 50 kopeck series of Nicholas II is one I have been working on for quite some time now, and the 1910 coin is probably the nicest of that series that I own. Some dates are much tougher, though. I also have 1908 in XF and 1909 in AU-58 or (at best) MS-63 which are both much rarer than 1910, but they don't come close to the condition of my 1910 coin. I suppose I have had it a lot longer in my collection, back when everything else in that series was VF or XF. The Bar Kochba coin was my first ancient. Although a more recent purchase, I had wanted one for a long time before that. And the Oregon Trail is not that scarce, but I chanced on a nice example. Also, it has been in my collection for a relatively long time.
  21. This was a hard decision to make (fortunately!): Top 3: RUSSIA, 50 kopeck 1910 (a scarce date and very rare in such high grade): JUDEA, Bar Kochba era (Year 1, "Eleazar" - bronze): USA, "Oregon Trail" 50 cent commemorative (1926-S): Now for the dream 3: Russia, 1904 and 1906 50 kopecks in BU; USA, 1909-S Indian Cent in good EF or better.
  22. CHF 23,000... (about US-$26,000 at today's exchange rate) http://www.sixbid.com/nav.php?p=viewlot&sid=465&lot=6035 Advertised as UNC, but looks like it had some cleaning in the fields. Even given a problem-free BU grade, how does one justify such a hammer price here (excl. 15% buyer's fee + 7.6% VAT)???
  23. Offered in the upcoming St. James auction: http://www.sixbid.com/nav.php?p=viewlot&sid=494&lot=597
  24. Great research and detective work, Sigi! From the photos you have posted, it seems that the dies of the other side are also different. Is this mentioned anywhere? (I don't have Yussupov, unfortunately). Now you have to start looking for the mules!
  25. Thanks, Candidate ... I forgot about the mintmaster here!
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