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  1. Thanks so much Dave! That really was informative and helped me out a lot. I'll have to look around for some used copies... a new copy of the special issue was like $90 at Barnes & Noble and I dont even think it was the most current issue. I'll definitely look for some used ones. Thanks again for the advice. Sammy T. Go Seahawks!
  2. I'm new to currency collecting and am looking for a reference book to assist me in identification and valuation of notes. I primarily collect WWI and WWII era currency consisting of World currency, Allied Military Currency and Japanese Invasion Money. A few members here have suggested I pick up a copy of Standard Catalog of World Paper Money to assist me, however, I see that there are several additions of this book. Two in particular are the SCWPM General issue and the SCWPM Special issue. Can anyone tell me what the difference is between these two books as well as give a recommendation on which one would best suit my collecting needs? Thanks. Sammy T.
  3. thanks everyone for your input and expertise! This really helps me out a lot. I wonder why there was such a price difference on the Lunge medal?? One site was had price of $40 while the other was approximately $150?? thanks again. Sammy T.
  4. yeah I hear ya. I do plan on getting it in the very near future. I found most of the values on line but have just a few that I can't get. sammyt
  5. Thanks Dave, I appreciate your help! I really hate to keep asking for all these values and identifications, but being a new collector and not having any reference guide it puts me in difficult situation. I really do appreciate your help. Sammy T.
  6. Is anyone able to value this Algerian 1 franc note. Date appears to be March 1, 1949? Thanks. PS. I'll be posting my chinese notes shortly. Thanks. Sammy T.
  7. I am a militaria collector and these three medals were included in a box lot of military items that I had purchased. I know nothing about these types of art medals and am seeking some assistance with identification, rarity, and value on each of the three medals I have pictured here. Any help is appreciated. Thanks. Sammy T. - the first medal appears to be of German chemist Georg Lunge, artist: Hans Frei - the second medal appears to be a WWI battle scene, artist: Marcel Prosper Lordonnois - the third medal is a scene of some sort of castle with the caption "Le Mont St. Hichel" ; artist: unknown
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