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  1. Way ahead of you. I've seen a fake Dolly Madison commem. silver dollar (1999)
  2. Thumbs down on both from the pictures. Details and strike/color (metal) are off. Also messed up rim on both as noted.
  3. From the colors I see it looks like gilding. Not unusual since gold plated coins are often sold as souvenirs, and German collectors have a habit of buying gold plated / gilded anything.
  4. AU. UNC not possible as this piece was gold plated / guilded, and most of it has been worn off / mechanically removed.
  5. That's a lot of Ikes! I'm imagine that the storage fees over all those years probably wasn't cheap either, though
  6. Probably not much - on milled coinage a chip usually results in a significant discount, let alone a half.
  7. I would expect that any offices outside of the usual (e.g. 1-day walkthrough at shows) would use the same type of slab.
  8. Any East Asian coin will usually attract a significant premium when slabbed (PCGS / NGC) versus raw, especially in AU or better, as it takes the uncertainty out of the grade and also the authenticity (not as significant in the case of minor coinage). As this was a coinage that was only struck for several years, then circulated for decades with no new issues, yes, this relatively speaking is a pretty nice example.
  9. Also looks like there's MDD on the Chinese character "wen"
  10. From the photo, VF30 net, due to the green stuff. Crown isn't that sharp, though that may be a strike issue. Also, keep in mind that Krause isn't always "on the ball" on prices as it is a generalist guide. For specific collecting of any nation's coins, it's always best to use the standard catalogue for that country. e.g. for US coins, I would use the Red Book. For HK coins, the Ma catalogue is standard.
  11. Love it! It's like an lost art...
  12. Is it possible that it might be an incorrect planchet?
  13. So are those technically FRNs then?!
  14. I think he/she was referring to the type being issued for two years. ("pattern" as in the usual "type" or "design" meaning rather than the numismatic definition)
  15. 1. Austro-Hungarian Empire? 2. Bavaria (Germany). 1756. Thaler. 3-7. Byzantine?? 8. Roman. 290s-310s. Jupiter (Jove) and eagle. 9. Roman. 320 or so. Campgate. Constantinan Dynasty 10. Ottoman. 1204 Eastern Dating. If you don't get a further response on 8 & 9 I'll take a further look at them later with some books.
  16. The bale at the top where this pendant would thread onto a necklace is typically found on Asian made jewelry. "coin" appears to be a cast copy of a very well worn rouble, which was then tooled. Tooled = designed cut / carved into a planchet rather than being struck
  17. Slight off-center, perhaps 5% or so? Big enough that it's easily visible, but premium would be small since it'd not dramatic.
  18. Hello! The coins you're describing are Japanese 10-yen coins. They're made from the 1950s onwards and are still presently minted and used.
  19. Hi everyone, One of my friends has a set of two modern silver medals, and your assistance in identifying them and their value, if any (besides BV), would be appreciated.
  20. Hello and welcome. Regretfully I'm not familiar with any dealers in Namibia.
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