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  1. Was the design taken from a commemorative 50c or so-called dollar? It looks kind of familiar.
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    Notgeld can be an almost never ending field of collecting on its own.
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    Dimes are always nice
  4. Neat find! I regret I don't have any info or thoughts on the background.
  5. This, for the sesquicentennial, would be the fourth. While the US has yet to issue a commemorative note, it has issued notes and coins of new types on significant anniversaries e.g. 1909 Lincoln cent - birth centennial, 1932 Washington quarter - birth bicentennial, 1976 $2 note - Declaration of Independence bicentennial.
  6. I like it http://www.bankofcanada.ca/2017/04/unveiling-commemorative-bank-note-marking-150th-anniversary-canada/ https://www.flickr.com/photos/bankofcanada/
  7. You can sometimes get that Ontario pair made into paperweights.
  8. Are you referring to gross weight perhaps? The ASW of the core part should be 0.6 ozt for the older ones and 0.5 ozt for the newer ones if I remember correctly. The ones with .999 marked on the outer brass ring rather than on the actual silver part inside are usually older issues - I'm sure someone got warned about the legalities of stamping such a marking on brass.
  9. Likewise I don't recall it. Love the Art Deco style though, and the lyre is definitely something I wouldn't expect to see on an American coin.
  10. Perhaps I could be of assistance as well :-)
  11. The one on the right might be from the Indo-Greek Kingdom
  12. Kitchener (originally Berlin, before they changed it in WWI) was one of the earlier issuers of $2 trade tokens in Canada.
  13. I remember reading somewhere about certain newer coins being slightly underweight so they align with older ones in circulation, but I'm not sure if that was in reference to US quarters. (Historically, it has happened in China, where the "Fat Man" dollars of 1914-1920s were made to match the ASW of a average circulated dragon type dollar.) I agree at ATB quarters have a different shine to them, though I usually recognize them by the different obverse which is a bit modified from that of the state quarters. I wonder if there might be something going on with the height of the rim maybe? (just to throw something out there)
  14. I wonder if perhaps some may be indirect references. When I saw the second one (scales on a cross), I was thinking perhaps "Defender of the Faith"
  15. The interesting thing about the bimetallic $10 tokens is that if I remember correctly the earlier ones are .6 oz and the later ones .5 oz. The recent Mexican 100 peso state coins are also .6 oz and so could kind of fit in together in a collection.
  16. PEI joined as the 6th province in 1871 so it could not be earlier than that. 1890s-1905 would probably be my best dating guess on this one. The Orangemen were highly active in Upper Canada / Ontario, and indeed was one of the stronger networking groups of the 19th century and into the 20th century for politics and the like.
  17. The Hawaii dollars come as singles often, and in 5 coin sets less often. 5 coin sets can have various configurations since they're all private issues.
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