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    The best Dragon banknote is the China 100 Yaun. Not sure what year, but try googling it. Dragon is BIG! Front & center!
  2. Nutmeg, I really appreciate that. Would you have any of the other notes from the series? Thanks!!!!!!
  3. That is a good collection, but i need high resolution photos for this project. Thanks anyways.
  4. I am really interested in the 5$ note...if anyone can dig that one up. High res please.
  5. Does anyone have a collection of the old Hawaiian Islands banknotes? If so, would they be willing to post some high res pics of the notes? THANKS
  6. It's a leather printing process. I've been carrying one around for about 12 months and it still looks great! Having a lot of fun with it
  7. Hey guys. I've been a member here on the forum for about a month and have really enjoyed being a part of this community. Banknote collecting is a hobby of mine, as is working with leather. About 3 years ago, i decided to combine my two hobbies and make leather wallet with banknote imagery. I love what i've created and think you guys may enjoy seeing it. I can take custom orders, 20$ a wallet if anyone is interested. Any and all feedback would be great.
  8. Which noteable revolutionaries have been featured on notes? I guess the word revolutionary is pretty subjective, but Emaliano Zapata (Mexico) and Che Guevara (Cuba) quickly come to my mind.
  9. Did Winston Churchill ever find himself on a note? if so, which one?
  10. What note did Mussolini appear on?
  11. skeeeeezo

    New $100

    lookin' good. when is it set for release?
  12. Did Joesph Stalin ever appear on Russian money? How about Hugo Chavez on the Venezuelan money? Fidel on Cuban?
  13. what am i exactly looking at? The change in color???
  14. where can i see those pattern prints?
  15. Has Hitler ever been featured on the German Mark? If so, what year?
  16. speaking of forging....CATCH ME IF U CAN is classic.
  17. We have about 8200 members. But how many would u guess are actually active?
  18. why is it that coins are valued so much higher than notes?
  19. The Amero was the designated name for the banknote to be used between Canada, USA and Mexico. I think that whole concept has died with the exit of Bush and Mexican President Fox. Anyways, were designs ever drafted? Has anyone ever seen anything?
  20. i know South Africa has animals on all their notes, but i don't believe any denomination has a rabbit.
  21. Happy Easter to all members of this forum! I am a recently joined member and really having a good time., thanks!
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