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  1. Here is the current prices for the USSR sets.
  2. Current price for USSR coins. (dec 2012 - jan 2013) 1$ = 30 rub
  3. Hello, all. I live in the Republic of Belarus, Europe, and I am a coins collector. Would you be so kind telling me what should I do to get free auction catalogues from Gorny, WAG, Dm. Markov, Heritage etc. Does they only send free catalogues to their regular buyers? Newbies, like me, have the chances too or I have to pay? Excuse me for my poor English. Thank you.
  4. Would you be so kind telling me how much these coins cost? Thank you.
  5. Steve, thanks for the quick answer! It was fairly unexpectedly and pleasant. Are you going to continue your researh up to Nicholas II?
  6. Hello, all! About two years ago Steve Moulding gave a link to his excellent article about the rarity of Catherine II 5 Kopeks: (here is the topic: http://www.coinpeople.com/index.php?/topic/19081-1767-5-kopeks-cpm-overstruck/) Unfortunately, the article isn't available at the moment. I live in Russia and it's quite difficult for me to purchase it from JRNS website. Has anybody got the copy of the article on their computers? Send it, please, to me: b250@yandex.ru Thank you in advance.
  7. If somebody has got this ms-66 dollar, probably it makes sence to broke the slab and send the coin for slabbing agian? What if the coin comes back with ms-67 grade?
  8. 1200$ is too expensive for 20 kop. 1917 It costs not more than a thousand. High condition is common for this coin.
  9. If you read russian, i advice you the best review of must-have russian numismatic literature: http://staraya-moneta.ru/forum/viewtopic.php?t=253 ) I am from Russia, and would not recommend you to use the Conros book. It has great number of flaws, almost in every item. Unfortunately in Russia we don't have the book with annual actual prices like the Red Book in USA Russian dealers don't want such book to issue, because it may decrease their profit. If you need actual prices, better go at http://www.arhivmonet.ru There you can find average current auction prices for every russian
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