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    Imperial Germany - everything: coins paper military medals tokens post cards etc. State and local issue military medals of Wis & Ill plus Badges of all kinds not just police from Milwaukee city & county, Wis., Wausau and Waupaca county, Wisc aldermen, mayors, civil defense, retirement and long service medals and badges

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Greetings I am new here but not to numismatics which was my profession for 33 years until my retirement in 2007. My main collecting interests are German States military medals, coins medals, currency, and picture postcards. Also have strong interests in Swiss Military Border Duty medals, Wisconsin and Illinois State and locally issued military medals. Badges of all kinds from Milwaukee Wisc. city and county, not just law enforcement. Franco-Prussian War medals issued by German cities and states to their veterans sometimes many years later and the medals issued by German immigrants here in the US for the Franco-Prussian War and by the German veterans groups here in America. I have been a collector for over 50 years so many of my ideas may be old fashioned, for example when at a coin show I never stop at tables covered with slabs. I also do a blog on the OMSA site called "The Militarist". Please feel free to check it out along with the rest of the OMSA site: http://www.omsa.org/forums/forumdisplay.php?f=70

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