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  1. "With regards to the Linc cent 2009, i'm even more unimpressed. What i hope they would do for that would be to issue it with the original wheat reverse in the original alloy to mark it's 100th..." And with a V.D.B. at the bottom!!!
  2. That coin in lot 180 is gorgeous!
  3. Looks like an XF quarter which was lightly rubbed vertically with an abrasive cleanser then photographed through a plastic film holder.
  4. tommyd

    NT or AT??

    I agree with Michael -- toning is toning -- if the coin appeals to you then so be it -- the non-existent standard is simply some subjective opinion rendered most oftenly by the coin's owner -- I have numerous BU rolls of coins where the end coin is 'white' on the 'coin' side and peculiarly toned on the 'air/paper' side...
  5. Your dealer friend should have at least a recent copy of the Coin Dealer Newsletter monthly summary -- if not, go to the nearest large town or city, find a coin dealer who does and buy a recent copy from him...
  6. Anything ever coined, regardless of age or origin...
  7. I know not what this holds for you, but as for me, give me "LIBERTY" or give me....well, you know..
  8. The 'supersize' seems to show the 1942 over the 1943...that in itself is really odd.......
  9. Strange piece -- a simple submission for opinion/authentication could end all speculation. Who in their right mind would pay 499K without that?? The odds of it being what he hopes it is are slim. TOM
  10. That's a really cool memory -- and, oh yeah, I'll take ten XF's at that price!
  11. Thanks guys! Actually, it was the die markers on both obverse and reverse at 6 o'clock which indicated die #2 variety -- under my stereomicroscope I could clearly see the 'notch' in the upper left corner of the 'D', indicative of the D/D variety which is consistent with the die markers. TOM
  12. WTG Dan! Great pick-ups -- just hope those escudos are genuinos...
  13. I've always insisted that the way to purchase this coin is slabbed and authenticated. So why did I purchase THIS coin from a total stranger at a very good price?? http://tinypic.com/view.html?pic=65ock9 http://tinypic.com/view.html?pic=65odus
  14. Best insurance policy is to never advertise what you have and NEVER give the combination to your safe to ANYONE!!!
  15. Proof 1856 Flying Eagle Cent Gorgeous BU 1916 St. Lib. Q. 1901-S Quarter 1799 Large Cent 2 1893-S Morgans Complete small cent collection in very high grade Complete standing liberty quarter collection in high grade on & on & on... ALL STOLEN BY MY EX-WIFE in 1991 -- ironically, it was just TWO DAYS AGO that she decided to "ease her conscience" by telling me which NYC dealer fenced it... TOM ANA-LM 5376
  16. Yup, what they said above....
  17. tommyd

    First album?

    Little blue Whitman folder for Lincoln Cents Pt. 1...
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