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  1. Cardboard 2X2's, either self-seal or staple for me -- I always fear the plastic ones will affect the surface.
  2. Find yourself a dealer through a Krause publication and call them on the phone -- some specialize and some can be very helpful...
  3. Nothing but really nice pieces from Bill...
  4. The proof Marine commem -- BU version came last week.
  5. tommyd

    Coin Pictures

    A camera stand is NO fun! The real challenge in coin photography comes after a six-pack when your trying to hold the camera-zoom steady! -- Just kidding! Those are some great pics!
  6. Thanks for the response -- and, by the way, I once had a girlfriend whose profile was identical to that on the Peace Dollar -- scary... TOM
  7. If you're implying that subjectivity is not just accepted but actually encouraged by your publication, I applaud you and your staff. I personally began to prescribe to that same philosophy when the public began to balk at inferior designs on US coinage of recent decades.
  8. Unfortunately, this kind of crap seems to go on in many large organizations............
  9. I'd like to thank Alan Herbert for the mention (page 10 "Wrong Photo") after I had pointed out to him an obvious error regarding a recent article on the 42/41 dime.
  10. Three very nice Barbers from Blackhawk...
  11. The Marine commem in BU -- nice-looking coin.
  12. I don't like the color -- you should definitely weigh it -- I hope you didn't acquire this piece from China...
  13. Generally I go to a show seeking one or two specific items for which I know the prices in most grades, and since I consider myself a pretty good grader I don't worry too much. I often test the dealer by asking him what the graysheet ask/bid is on an item -- if he whips it out and gives me the range he's a guy who wants to make a sale and the guy I'm likely to do business with so the negotiations become easy. If he tells me that he doesn't have a graysheet I know he's lying and become much less inclined to conduct business with him.
  14. Certainly appears to be of Spanish origin but I can't ID it from my references.
  15. And the slabbers are actually certifying them!!!
  16. I'm quite familiar with them but can't understand what makes them so desirable??????
  17. Not enough -- let's have grading from 1-1000 so we can all argue over whether it's an XF-767 or 768......
  18. What motivates one to submit a coin like that for slabbing???????????
  19. Has anyone ever submitted any coins to NCS for a "numismatic conservation"??
  20. Not a key date so don't despair dipping...
  21. I agree with the 'slab it and keep it' idea -- it's a really nice coin and really not mega-valuable -- if it were a half-million item then the equation might just change! TOM
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