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  1. Thanks for the info, I think I'll hang on to it, its my first found coin with a significant error. I'm actually surprised it made it's way into a roll, and out of the mint. I have weighed it, 4.628g and compared to another quarter from the roll, 5.108g As the weight is different, shouldn't it have been rejected ? Is every quarter tested ? Eric
  2. Hi, I have just opened a roll I bought from a bank in 2000. I found this coin, I guess the error was on the blank before the pressing. What would cause this kind of error ? What is this type of error called ? Is it common ? Thanks
  3. I think that binders and 2x2's (self adhesive with the tab on the bottom) will win out, with the whitman's kept for low value coins like pennies, nickels, modern quarters, etc. Where there is a coin of moderate value in the collection (key date), it will be removed from the whitman and placed in a 2x2 for protection. I had been considering plastic capsules, but the investment versus value of the collection doesn't seem appropriate. And then there is the problem of organizing capsules. Thanks for the advice.
  4. I was not aware. I used an identifier book for stamps which helped with many other coins, but I couldn't find an equivalent for coins. Thanks for the help and advice
  5. Thanks for the update. As for the coins being common, that is not a problem for me. I like to investigate the coins (or country's) "history", to give me a better understanding of the world. Many of the world coins i have aquired are from countries that no longer exist, and in some cases have changed name 3-4 times !! That to me is the enchantment, to learn more of the world's history by researching something "concrete" within my grasp. Thanks again to all.
  6. By display, I mean easy to look at or refer to, ( show off...) not a "museum display", always out in the open.
  7. Thank You, I knew this was the right place to get a quick response. You've saved me having to learn 10 new languages !!
  8. Hi, I would like the advice of more experienced collectors as to the best way to store and display my collection. I have a reasonably good collection under way, of all sizes of coins Large pennies Small pennies Silver 5 cent Nickel 5 cents Dimes Quarters Halves Dollars Tokens Some are in blue whitman folders (press in) Some are in Whitman "bookshelf" albums (cardboard with sliding plastic on each side to hold the coin) Some are loose in plastic pages (cws) Some are in stapled 2x2 holders some are in adhesive (2x2) holders. What is the best way to preserve th
  9. Hi, after years of collecting here and there, i am finally starting to organize and catalog my world coins. I have done a lot of research, websites, ebay, books, and these are the last ones. I have included a scan of the 16 coins, front and obverse (although i don't know heads from tails...) I have also eliminated abvious coins from the same country. (but simply a different denomination) . so, here we go, thanks in advance. I can increase the resolution of a specific coin if needed. Thanks A= B= C= D= E= F= G= H= I= J= K= L= M= N= O= P=
  10. Like the original poster, I have full shrink wrapped plastic rolls from 1992 (almost all provinces and territories) , as well as rolls from 2000 (millennium), again almost all rolls. Is it worth more as a shrink wrapped roll ? (keeping in mind that the value for roll or single coin may never materialize in my lifetime, which will EVENTUALLY be worth more ?) Thanks
  11. Thanks for the welcome, and thanks for the information.
  12. Why is that, because of the limited value of such a coin ? Or is it not in great demand ?
  13. Hi, I am returning to my coin collection after many years of letting the collection collect dust. I have purchased a few coins from reputable dealers, and a few (lower value) from ebay. I am curious ae to how bad the counterfeiting problemis for canadian coins. is there a problem with medium value coins such as a 1973 large bust quarter ? or a 1948 50 cent piece ? (Of course I am not referring to MS-65 certified coins, but fine, or very fine versions of these coins) Has anyone ever heard of counterfeits of medium value coins ? Also, is there a future for us? As techn
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