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  1. Hi All Just wanted to post a Celtic coin i found yesterday.As far as i found out its probably from the Celtic Vindelikern tribe of southern Germania (Alpine foreland) minted/hammerd between 200-80 B.C. Its 1.3cm diameter and 1.9g fine gold. Jeff..
  2. Jeff

    Asian Coin

    Thx for the ID Saor
  3. Jeff

    Asian Coin

    Hey All A co worker of mine brought this coin to me today saying its real old.He said after checking the net he dates it about 700 A.d. I find it hard to believe and asked him if i could check it out myself. I think its Chinese,but other than that no idea. It has a weight of 1.1g and a diameter of 1.9cm. Can anyone help IDing this coin? Best regards Jeff..
  4. Well thx for taking the time helping me about this coin. I´ve no intention of selling it (only if i need to put food on the table) but like i said im a coin/relic hunter and all my coins come from the ground and not bought.Coins are not my past time,but they are a part of history and (finding) a real old coin makes me feel im part of it. The only real reason the worth would interest me is for insurance grounds only. About ancient coins.A friend of mine found a small coin last year (we believe celtic) but cant identify it. Can you identify coins from the different celtic tribes? I need to
  5. http://i968.photobucket.com/albums/ae170/Jeffreylee1965/frog2.jpg[/img
  6. @Drusus Thx Drusus for the information Lets just say its a fake for conversational purposes,If someone forged this coin then what is it doing laying about 20cm in the ground by a monastary? Being at that depth it must have been droped a long long time ago. Were people for a few hundred years able to counterfit a coin of this quality? Do you know of any experts/forums that would have more info about this coin? Im posting two more enlarged pics of the coin. hope they are better. @constanius Thx for the info about photobucket Jeff..
  7. Apologie accepted I would also be sceptical if someone showed me a coin thats over 600 yrs old and in this condition.I think the condition has alot to do with the very low ground mineralization,sand and the silver content.I have also dug up copper coins from the 1700s from this area and were also in very good condition. I scaned the material Evaluation and tried to post it,but it came out blury so i didn´t post it. I really dont know how to get better Pics with only 100k max upload. Anyway thx everyone for the help P.S. I forgot to say the wieght is 3.2 grams and is 2 1/2 cm wi
  8. I cant get any better with 100k Its nice to be greeted to the forum as a swindler by Mr.Drusus and it would be nice in the future if he kept his stupid ass comments to himself. Jeff..
  9. Well Mr.Drusus are you implying i made the Pics smaller on purpose? When yes,then i think i came to the wrong forum. When it say Max. single upload size is 100k then thats all im uploading or am i doing somthing wrong? This coin was dug up by me personally from nice sandy ground and has 96% silver content,thats the reason it looks outstanding,or maybe i minted it myself.
  10. I tried to add both Pics but for some reason it didn´t work even thought both Pics together are about 101k. Here is the Pic of the other side. Sry. Jeff..
  11. Hi All Im am a new member of your nice forum and my name is Jeff. I´m not really a coin collector but more metal detectorist,but the coins i find i collect I found this coin last year in Nothern Bavaria searching in the area of a monasterie and was wondering what it is.I think it maybe french. Its 96.50% silver. Could someone help with an ID? Thx. Greetings from Germany Jeff..
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