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  1. oh, found it finally - it is not Syrian - it is Algerian 2 centimes coin.
  2. thanks, just a small correction: it is 10 milliemes, not 5 the year on the second coin is 1964 (1383 by Islamic calendar) - I'm having trouble finding pictures of Pakistan rupee of this year... slightly better picture:
  3. thank you satootoko can you recommend any reference book or something for asian coins? is it even possible to identify them not having any knowledge of the language? and thanks for the hints about coins in row 4 - I figured the denomination and year, will try to google some more and will try to get a better picture.
  4. Please help identifying these...
  5. it's no wonder us being neighbours
  6. While being in Canada I was getting American quarters in change quite often; got British 10 pence once (well, its the same size and almost the same value). But the most amazing thing was getting Kenyan 1 shilling in Russia :-)
  7. It's me again, one more unidentified coin:
  8. Greetings, can anyone please help to identify these 2:
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