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  1. thanks for the advice. here is a better look at the 1869 shield. the ones i have seen look like go from anywhere from $5-50 but none i have seen are even clsoe to this condition. it is not perfect, as there apper to be minor scratch or two on the horizontol shield lines but you can see most of the vertical shield lines which don't show up in the scan so well. my question now is do you think it is worth grading? what numbers would you guess it could get/ is pcgs the best company to use? $25 isn't much to grade if you think it might put it over a hundred but if it is still common and les
  2. hello all, first time here, recently i got a book of old coins from my uncle. most are pretty common, random us and canadian halfs and dollars from the 1940s-1970s however the oldest one stood out a bit it is an 1869 us shield 5 cent piece with stars on the back. here you can kind of see it in the book but my camera cant focus so good (the coins were jammed in the book randomly, markings aren't correct). anyways i know nothing about coins except maybe i should encapsulate it? i have heard dont even touch them, should i put gloves on before touching? can i set it on my scanner by itse
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