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  1. I just went & looked at some novodels on ebay. I couldn't believe how high the prices were. In the thousands. That sounds crazy to me. As far as I'm concerned if I'm going to spend 2,3,4 thousand dollars I'm going to buy the original coins struck for commerce... but to each there own. If they are that scarce & their demand is that high then it's the market that is creating that price. Of course these were only asking prices, they may never sell at those prices. This could be some over zealous sellers who are very proud of their coins. There were others for much lower prices. The 1's I
  2. Here is one reason "novodels" were offically produced by some of the Russian mints: Collectors wanted to complete their collections but some coins that were produced for circulation were very scarce, difficult & sometimes next to impossible to obtain, so the mint struck more to satisfiy this collector demand. There are ways to distinguish between novodels & circulation strikes, sometimes it's edge differences. There are other differences as well, all of which I am not aware. While novodels are not as valuable as the original circulation strikes, they can still be scarce & have sign
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