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  1. Has anybody info regarding this 1989 £1 coin which appears to have 3 chins on the queen please ? Ive only got 2 chins haha Pics are to large to be uploaded I will reduce the file size and upload more tomorrow
  2. Hi I recently came across these GB £1 coins any opinions would be greatly appreciated 2017 £1 has a different color tone, appears to be round, loads of doubling / mistrikes and isnt at all magnetic. 2016 £1 coin also has a different tone, various errors and the edge milling is different to other £1 coins
  3. Hi, I have just picked up the attached UK 2018 £1 coin error mainly what appears to be raised lines to the front of the queens face any thoughts on if its has a higher value than £1? Im new here so I hope this is in the right forum category ???
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