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  1. Hello, Thank you for your welcoming and also for the info! Congrats for the 1000th post to this thread! The amount of wear on the striking end can be seen from the first photo, there is some flattening but not very important, which would imply either a short use on harder materials or longer use on softer ones (like paper). I see that the engraving on this item is done by hand (maybe Schuzengesellschaft was a misspelling?). Interestingly, the iron body has some peculiar marks on two opposite sides. I think these may either come from forging the body, or from this die being held with a pair of tongs for striking something of harder nature (in the past the upper coin die was held with tongs while it was stricken with a hammer, in order to avoid injury if being directly held by hand).
  2. Hello everybody, As this is probably the biggest forum thread devoted to Swiss shooting medals to be found on the web, I'd thought I might show you a unusual item and also maybe get some info/expert opinions. Please check the attached pics. Looks like an iron seal matrix/die (face diameter ~28 mm), with German legend mentioning Schaffhausen and 'shooting competition' . Please check the attached pics. I'd be grateful for any opinion or info you might have on this item, or similar ones you've found. Thank you!
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