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  1. Nope...I actually think it looks pretty good. If I didn't think so, I wouldn't have responded at all. Maybe I've seen too many ugly coins come out of the ground...LOL Jim
  2. I deleted my post regarding the token we found last week. I'll repost the pics, without the narrative. Can't fix stupid...LOL
  3. My buddy and I have been detecting some unused sections of Goodale's Cutoff of the Oregon Trail in southeastern Idaho. The other day he found a 2 1/2c token from Miller's Famous Bar and Resort in Kansas City, MO. Through other forums we located the city, but have no idea on the value of his find. We think it's possible the token was brought out here by a cavalryman, possibly from Ft. Riley in Kansas. Not far from his find he also found a heel plate from the civil war era (1860-80) worn only by sergeants, and I found the bronze medallion from a civil war era cartridge box. I'll try and post a p
  4. My name is Jim, and I hail from Idaho. Long time metal detectorist, and recently got into coin and token hunting. My buddy and I have even found a few old coins the last week, and one interesting token. All from an old stage road, and emigrant trail that crosses our part of Idaho. Jim
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